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What defines a large greenhouse?

In our collection, you will find different sizes but they all have one thing in common: over 150 square feet of floor space. This is perfect for the experienced gardener aiming to cultivate a substantial amount of vegetables, fruits, or any other plants in their hobby greenhouses. It’s also an ideal choice for those interested in commercial growing or educational use. Within this range, you’ll find a variety of brands, including Riga Greenhouses and the customizable Janssens Gigant greenhouse, all available with the added benefit of FREE SHIPPING across the continental U.S. Keep in mind, our expertise lies in greenhouse kits, not DIY projects like high tunnel greenhouses. Whether you’re scaling up your home garden or embarking on a larger horticultural venture, our large greenhouse kits are designed to meet your needs.

Looking for something smaller? Have a look at our small greenhouse collection or medium greenhouses.

Why go big with your greenhouse?

The main perk of a large greenhouse is plenty of space. More room means more plants and easy access for care and maintenance. It’s not just about quantity; it’s about the quality of your gardening experience. With a larger greenhouse, you can create distinct areas for different plant types, which is great for those who love variety. Besides the different growing spaces, you can also include living spaces in your greenhouse. Why only use a greenhouse for growing when you can enjoy it in your leisure time? Glass greenhouses are often preferred in this case.

Choosing the right large greenhouse kit

Need help picking the right kit? Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Size matters: Match the greenhouse size to your available space and gardening ambitions. If you want to grow tall plants, make sure to look for higher greenhouses.
  • Strength and durability: Look for sturdy frames and coverings that can stand up to extreme weather or your local climate. An aluminum frame is recommended for these larger greenhouses. Steel frames work very well for commercial greenhouses as well.
  • Optimal environment: Choose the right greenhouse covering. Whether you want to minimize heat loss or increase light transmission, the type of greenhouse covering, especially roof panels, plays a big role.
  • Keep it airy and cozy: Good ventilation and insulation are key for healthy plants all year round. Roof vents, exhaust fans, and heaters will help with temperature control.
  • Extra features are a plus: Things like automatic window openers, built-in shelves, or wide double doors can make life easier.

Making the most of your large greenhouse

With more space, you can:

  • Grow more and diverse plants: Whether it’s veggies, flowers, or exotic plants, you’ve got the room to experiment.
  • Extend your growing season: Shield your plants from the elements and keep growing through the winter.
  • Try new gardening styles: Become a serious grower! Ever thought about hydroponics or starting a small nursery? Now’s your chance.

Setting up and looking after your greenhouse

Most large greenhouse kits are designed for self-assembly but don’t shy away from getting help if needed. Regular maintenance like cleaning the panels and checking for wear and tear will keep your greenhouse in top shape.

Greenhouses and the environment

Large greenhouses can be pretty eco-friendly. They help reduce the need for pesticides and can be rigged with systems for collecting rainwater or using solar energy. This not only helps the planet but can also save you money.

Going commercial with greenhouses

For those thinking about a small business, large greenhouses are a solid start. They offer enough space to grow products for sale, like herbs, flowers, or fresh produce. Plus, you get the benefit of consistent quality, which is a big sell, especially in organic markets.

Greenhouses as community and learning spaces

Large greenhouses can also be community or educational spots. They’re great for teaching about gardening, sustainability, and plant biology. They can bring people together to learn and share their love for gardening.

Large greenhouses: A Step Up in Gardening

Upgrading to a large greenhouse is a game changer whether you’re gardening as a hobby or for business. It’s a practical step towards a more diverse and productive gardening journey. So, if you’re ready to take your gardening to the next level, a large greenhouse might just be your next big move. We, at Greenhouse Emporium, are here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!