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Water and nutrients must be delivered to your plants in the right amount, letting your plants to draw on only what is required. Remember that the humidity and warmth of the greenhouse must be constantly checked and the crop must always be regularly fed because of the enclosed environment.

Three principal rules in watering

Plants can also suffer or even rot from overwatering, so the accurate amount of water is vital.

Use a well-drained substrate

When the root substrate is emptied and aerated, precise watering can be accomplished, giving the plant acceptable texture and composition.

Water thoroughly each time

It is necessary to water all of the substrates each time the water is implemented so that the water enters the roots and produces a fresh plant.

Water before moisture stress occurs

Water the plants just before moisture stress happens. The result is an accurately aerated system as well as healthy root growth.

What watering system is best for my greenhouse?

Greenhouses do not have contact with direct rainfall. Each greenhouse requires a kind of watering system, from the most fundamental to the most advanced. Selecting the best watering system is the key. Are you interested in conserving time and money on watering? Check out these methods below.

Drip Irrigation

It uses up to 70% less water compared to flood watering. It can also increase your crop yield. The water is transported to each pot by a thin tube available in different sizes. You can control this with a timer and flow gauge.

Garden Hose

It is one of the more simple, manual, and least expensive ways to water plants in a greenhouse environment.

Misting System

This works best for huge greenhouses and for developing seedlings. It works by discharging tiny droplets of water over the tops of the plants. It keeps the leaves fresh while still providing all the water that is required.