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How can you use flooring & ground covering?

Flooring is a reliable way to prevent slipping and muddy shoes for walkways, entrance areas, patios, outdoor showers, and many other places. The ground covering fabric can be utilized for various purposes as well. It is ideal for greenhouses and garden areas where you don’t want to deal with weeds.


It is irritating to place containers, tables, or benches on a bumpy or irregular ground. Greenhouse flooring helps maintain soil moisture and keeps your greenhouse floor neat. It also keeps weeds out and allows excellent drainage while keeping your greenhouse tidy so areas stay protected, clean, and bacteria-free. These are easy to install and can be laid straight on a surface. The interlocking flooring system can be quickly relocated and can also be rolled up as a single piece for cleaning or storage. Greenhouse flooring is the absolute way to complete a greenhouse. It is also ideal for high tunnels, outdoor showers, and sheds.

Benefits of flooring

  • Offers ideal drainage
  • Keeps your greenhouse tidy
  • Comfortable surface for you to walk on
  • Easy to install
  • Flexible and adaptable to different surfaces
  • Created with sturdy and reliable interlocking modules
  • Help stabilize the temperature
  • Keep pesky weeds and pests out
  • Durable
  • It offers a safe, non-slip surface
  • Easy and safe also with high heel shoes

Ground Covering

Ground covering helps achieve a boundary between gravel and soil without giving weeds the chance to grow. It allows a healthy balance of air, water and nutrient exchange, building an optimal habitat for plants when placed below the soil layer. It fits the ground or trench surface and doesn’t unravel when cut. It can be staked to the ground for tight and secure installation.

Benefits of ground covering

  • Keeps greenhouse floor tidy, as well as weed and pest free
  • Fabric allows moisture to soak through
  • Cools the space that is being covered
  • Reduce moisture loss
  • Lightweight
  • No standing water left on the surface
  • Prevents germination of weeds
  • Helps to promote plant growth
  • Allows air, water, and nutrients to pass through
  • U.V. stabilized and permeable
  • Ideal for greenhouse flooring