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Why start a compost today?

Contribute to the planet and decrease your carbon footprint, as well as reduce methane emissions from landfills.

It is 100% natural and budget friendly. By making your own soil you will save on buying expensive chemical fertilizers. This will prevent over-fertilization of soil which can happen with artificial chemical misuse. Composting can benefit the environment by recycling kitchen and yard waste to make a nutrient-rich soil, which you can use in your garden and greenhouse. This way you won’t need chemical fertilizers anymore. Chemicals will have a bad effect on your body in the long run. Composting will also improve the structure of the soil because it develops the ability to hold water and nutrients. Organic fertilizers contain carbon which is vital along with other minerals allowing them to produce nutrients in a natural way.

Believe us, once you started your own compost you won’t think of throwing your leftovers in the trash bins anymore. Starting today, think about going organic and disregard chemicals – You may thank us later!

Reasons why you need to buy our composters

  • Take action in recycling your own organic waste!
  • Start making your own nutritious soil for your plants
  • The open bottom allows microorganisms to come up with the materials to speed up composting
  • Environmentally safe and made from recycled materials
  • No more unwanted chemicals in your food when you use your own soil made with the composter
  • Lesser kitchen and backyard waste – Emptier trash bins
  • Keeps away annoying rodents, flies, and other pests
  • Speed up the composting process with our innovative compost bins: They use high-density polyethylene material which absorbs and retains the heat inside the bin and the construction allows the right amount of air flow
  • Most of our bins work in every season of the year
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions – Take a step further to live a greener life!