Exaco Livingten Insulated Glass Greenhouse


  • Best insulated glass greenhouse
  • 22mm dual pane glass
  • Thermo-insulated aluminum frame
  • Included: 2x double doors, roll-up shade curtains, roof vents and side windows, full-length LED light bar
Exaco Livingten Glasshouse with dual pane glass in a backyard
Exaco Livingten Insulated Glass Greenhouse

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Step into the realm of refined outdoor living with the Livingten Insulated Glass Greenhouse, where the charm of an indoor sanctuary meets the beauty of the outdoors. Designed for homeowners who cherish both their green thumb and their social calendar, this greenhouse is more than just a place for plants. It’s a stylish, multipurpose space for entertaining, relaxation, and gardening. Perfect for those who dream of hosting elegant gatherings amid a backdrop of lush greenery, the Livingten creates a seamless blend of a vibrant garden and a luxurious outdoor living room.

Built to endure the harshest weather, this sturdy glass greenhouse is your plant sanctuary, delivering incomparable protection from intense cold and sweltering heat. The robust 22mm glass, coupled with our thermo-insulated aluminum profiles, seals in warmth while preventing cold drafts and air leakage. This not only creates the ideal microclimate for plant growth but also makes it the most insulated glass greenhouse available in the United States.

Stepping away from standard single layer glass, the Livingten Greenhouse innovates with its double-pane glass on all walls and the greenhouse roof. This upgrade significantly reduces heat loss, ensuring a stable, warm environment for your plants, no matter the outside air temperatures. While single pane glass, commonly used in greenhouse kits, looks great, it’s not always the best for maintaining a consistent temperature. Our double-pane glass solves this, offering much better insulation for all climates, both hot and cold.

The 22mm glass in the Livingten Greenhouse is carefully crafted with a unique structure. It consists of two 4mm thick glass layers, separated by a 16mm air pocket, maximizing the thickness of the actual material for superior insulation and less condensation. In addition, the wedge seals between glass and frame create an airtight environment.

Close-up of the 22mm Dual-Pane Glass of the Exaco Livingten Insulated Glass Greenhouse

The greenhouse glass is not just about insulation. It’s also about creating an ideal atmosphere for your plants. The high-quality glass panels ensure the highest light transmittance levels which can be helpful for winter gardening. Roll-up shade curtains, available as an add-on, are a good idea to control sunlight exposure on sunny days.

Interior view of Livingten Insulated Glass Greenhouse, with living area setting of furniture and place settings

In contrast to polycarbonate greenhouses, which often use opaque panels, the Livingten opts for clear tempered safety glass due to its durability and aesthetic appeal. While polycarbonate panels are a light weight and impact-resistant glazing material with lower light transmission and sometimes light diffusion, they can’t match the elegance and clarity of glass. This has led to a preference for glass type in premium greenhouse design, especially in glass-glazed greenhouses.

The thermo-insulated aluminum frame complements the double-pane glass, enhancing the greenhouse’s overall insulation efficiency (R-Value: 2.5).

This expertly engineered frame provides sturdy support and counters heat conduction which is common with aluminum frames. The integrated “cold barrier,” strategically placed wherever the glass meets the frame, ensures maximum thermal efficiency and a comfortable internal temperature year-round.

Thermo-Insulated Frame of the Exaco Livingten Insulated Glass Greenhouse

Accessibility is effortless with two sets of double sliding doors, located at opposite ends for easy entry and exit during social gatherings or with gardening equipment. Roof windows with automatic openers and push-out side wall windows ensure optimal ventilation, creating an inviting environment for both plants and guests.

In recent years, the Livingten Greenhouse has emerged as a popular choice for those seeking high performance in their greenhouse gardens and outdoor space.  Its advanced design and greenhouse glazing make it an unrivaled option in the market. The use of double glass not only enhances the thermal efficiency of the greenhouse but also contributes to its overall elegant design. This sophisticated blend positions the Exaco Livingten as more than just a greenhouse; it’s an extension of your home. Though the initial cost might be higher than some alternatives, its lasting value, backed by a 20-year warranty, proves that the Exaco Livingten isn’t just a good choice. It’s an unparalleled investment for your home and lifestyle.

Made in Germany with 30 years of experience!

The Livingten Insulated Glass Greenhouse is manufactured by Hoklartherm, a renowned German brand with over 3 decades of greenhouse crafting experience. They specialize in greenhouse designs for challenging climates. Despite being traditionally specialized in polycarbonate greenhouses, Hoklartherm has responded to the demand for aesthetically pleasing and well-insulated glass greenhouses. With a greenhouse made by Hoklartherm, you can rest assured that it will last you for decades.

Product Details

  • Best insulated glass greenhouse for a unique living space and garden no matter what climate you’re dealing with
  • Full-length light bar creates ambient light for dinner parties or late-night gardening chores
  • Frame profiles are Thermo-insulated with a “cold-wall” barrier: There’s a composite wall between the aluminum parts (see images). It prevents the transfer of cold/heat between the outer and inner frame.
  • Glazing: 22mm double-pane glass (4mm glass, 16mm air pocket, 4mm glass) – as a comparison: other greenhouses use 4mm single panes
  • Double-pane glass reduces condensation drastically
  • Easy access with two double doors
  • Doors: 1x double sliding door (61″ wide x 74″ high) for gable end and 1x double sliding door (61″ wide x 74″ high) for sidewall
  • Lots of natural airflow with plenty of roof vents and side windows
  • Roof vents: 4x roof windows (32″ wide x 36″ high) with heavy-duty automatic openers
  • Windows: 2x pop-out side windows (32″ wide x 36″ high) for any wall
  • Doors and windows are pre-assembled by the factory
  • Shade cloth: 3x sets of interior double-sided roll-up shade curtains with aluminum weave
  • Warranty: 20 years
  • Made in Germany

Included in the Livingten Insulated Glass Greenhouse kit:

    • Frame, glazing, rubber seals, and hardware
    • 1x double sliding door (61″ wide x 74″ high) for gable ends
    • 1x double sliding door (61″ wide x 74″ high) for side walls
    • 4x roof windows (32″ wide x 36″ high) with heavy-duty automatic openers
    • 2x pop-out side windows (32″ wide x 36″ high) for any wall
    • Foundation frame (optional use) with 5″ high I-Beam
    • 3x sets of double-sided roll-up shade curtains with aluminum weave
    • Full-length LED light bar
    • Assembly guide


  • R-value: 2.5
  • Frame Material: Anodized aluminum frame
  • Frame Color: Aluminum/Silver
  • Rainwater gutter system: Yes
  • Stem wall: Not supported by manufacturer
  • Expandable: No
  • Sidewall height: 7′
  • Peak height: 10’8″
  • Dimensions:
    • Livingten 5 (11×14): 11′ 5 3/4″ wide x 14’3″ long
    • Livingten 6 (11×17): 11′ 5 3/4″ wide x 17′ long
    • Livingten 7 (11×20): 11′ 5 3/4″ wide x 20′ long
  • Floor space:
    • Livingten 5 (11×14): 163 sq. ft.
    • Livingten 6 (11×17): 195 sq. ft.
    • Livingten 7 (11×20): 225 sq. ft.
  • Assembly time: Professional installation necessary (strongly suggested); team of 3 to assemble in approx. 2-3 days – Check out these timelapse videos of the Livingten assembly!
  • Shipping information: This greenhouse is heavy. Glass alone ships in 4 crates. Additional boxes are shipped containing the remainder of parts, total weight of all parts is 4100 lbs. This product is delivered via LTL which is curbside delivery only. The driver will be using a pallet jack and liftgate to slide the crate off and will need help from the customer with the unloading of the framing boxes. We recommend having a couple of people there for the delivery.