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Benefits of a conventional hobby greenhouse kit

Two greenhouses shaped like a house with the text: Conventional Greenhouse Kits - Classic design with a strong frame and ideal space usage

  • The shape allows for more headroom
  • Moving around the greenhouse is easier
  • Grow on the sides and enjoy the center to walk through (best headroom)
  • Gables allow large doors to enter the greenhouse with a wheelbarrow or other equipment
  • Similar in shape to a house (looks nice in the backyard)
  • One of the strongest constructions: Framework (post and rafters) supports the roof to withstand snow, rain, and wind
  • Collecting rainwater by using gutters and downspouts on the side walls
  • Good air circulation with roof windows and/or gable vents
  • Maximize growing space by using the channels in the frame for shelving and hooks (vertical space) – still easy to reach from the center
  • One of the main benefits of growing in a greenhouse is that it extends your growing season
  • You can plant at any time of the year because you are in control of the environment inside the greenhouse
  • You can choose from a wide variety of plants even those that are not found in your local area
  • Unlike open fields, greenhouses are more efficient in keeping out common insects and animals which damage crops
  • Beneficial insects can easily be controlled
  • By regulating the best environment helps you to improve the growth of plants
  • Protect your plants from the harsh outdoor weather

Disadvantages of a conventional greenhouse

  • Uses more materials than other greenhouse structures
  • This structure is top-heavy so frame must be footed properly
  • Light diffusion is not as good as in other structures (i.e. geodesic domes)
  • Air flow may not be optimal if the conventional greenhouse kit doesn’t have enough vents (you may have to add ventilation)
  • Potentially more costs because you may need additional accessories to ensure perfect growing conditions (ventilation, additional vents, etc.)

Covering materials

This structure can be covered with glass or polycarbonate. Both materials have their pros and cons. Please read our article to make the right decision.

Monticello greenhouse kits from this collection also offer options for different types of polycarbonate. The Regular and Premium edition has a rather see-through glazing, whereas the Growers Edition provides more privacy and the Mojave Edition gives you more sun protection.

Here are the top quality suppliers for conventional greenhouse kits

Riverstone Industries

They are producing the best US-made greenhouse kits with a conventional shape. Wheather you are looking for a smaller hobby greenhouse (Monticello) or a commercial one, Riverstone Industries got you covered.


With the precision of European engineering, Janssens offers the perfect conventional greenhouses in a Victorian style. You can pick between glass and polycarbonate for their products.


Juliana has manufactured greenhouses for more than 50 years, and high quality has continuously been a trademark. This Danish brand also offers glass or polycarbonate as glazings for their greenhouse kits.