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What is a tunnel greenhouse?

Tunnel greenhouses have a gable in the shape of a half circle, which makes them look like a tunnel. They are the most simple type of greenhouse and often self-build. They rarely grow plants vertically, rather horizontally. This kind of construction is inexpensive and easy to build. It offers a cost-effective approach to a business. The tunnel greenhouses are specifically intended for small areas. You can plant small crops such as vegetables or vines at a low height. The shape of the structure enables snow and rain to simply run off.

What is an arch-shaped greenhouse?

An arch-shaped greenhouse is similar to the tunnel greenhouse. However, it can have a different gable shape. It may have a pointed top like the tip of a water drop (onion-shaped), a barn-style shape, or rather is oval than round. Especially the onion-shaped structure is engineered for extreme wind and snow conditions. Snow has no surface to to build up, it just slides down the sides. It will give you good conditions for gardening year-round, despite severe weather.

Advantages of buying tunnel & arch-shaped greenhouses

Lengthens the growing season

Excellent climate control. You can start farming very early in the spring and harvest well into the autumn. It gives the best artificial climate for the growth of the product because it maintains the heat. With some of our products, you can even grow in winter without any problems, well, unless the door is blocked by snow loads.

Increases crop production

The greenhouse gives more control over essential needs, like water, fertilizer, and temperature.

Reduces need for pesticides

It also makes a less friendly setting for bugs, lessening the occurrence of difficulties.

Efficient construction

The arched roof reduces the need for structural support. It makes installation faster and easier.

More overhead space

The arch features more height from the high contour of the ridge in the middle, which creates more space for gardeners who want to try their skill at taller specialty products. Moving around is easier than in a conventional greenhouse because you don’t have short side walls.


Many gardeners appreciate the simplistic beauty of the arch design. They are charming to look at.