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What is a greenhouse covering?

Greenhouse covering is the material that overlays the greenhouse structure and plays an important function in heat retention. Besides a sturdy frame, the covering is the most essential feature of your greenhouse because it will influence how much light your plants get. There is a wide variation of materials that can be utilized to cover a greenhouse nowadays. Greenhouse covering is preferred by commercial nurseries for its strength, diffused light characteristics, and power savings. The covering shields your plants from drastic winds, snow, and other severe weather conditions. Now you can garden all year round. Every greenhouse covering material has its individual benefits, so it is necessary to analyze your precise condition before reaching a decision.

What covering do we offer?

Solexx Greenhouse Covering is an excellent material for custom greenhouse designs and a lot more. Solexx is white for a reason. It creates a steady diffused light proven to stimulate plant growth by 30%. It is strong and shatterproof. Solexx covering shields against heavy wind and snow. Independent laboratory experiments confirm that Solexx twin-wall insulated greenhouse substance insulates more than the 8mm polycarbonate and keeps heating expenses low. Solexx beats the charts for greenhouse covering selections due to its excellent performance. It is flexible and can cover around the peak and edges for a watertight seal. It scores and cut easily with no power saw needed.

Palring Shiny Woven Greenhouse Covering is a cut resistant and long lasting. It has coated and knitted polyethylene fabrics. It can be fused to create any measurement or shape, with ropes, eyelets etc. Woven greenhouse covers are great for all kinds of horticulture. It has this shiny coating for increased direct daylight. It can be tailored to insect net and fitted with eyelets. UV package of additives assures superior performance and long life.