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Benefits of Cooling and Ventilation

  • Remove warm, moistened the air and restore it with drier air
  • Keep the excellent greenhouse environment, even throughout the summer
  • Reach the maximum production yield
  • Improves plants’ health and regular growth
  • Gives proper temperature and moisture control
  • Help reduce the existence of diseases and the appearance of bugs.

Ways to cool and ventilate your greenhouse

To surely cool a greenhouse, it is crucial that the cooling system is accurately sized. Cooling systems can lessen plant stress during hot days and optimize plant growth when designed correctly. Always use reliable warming, cooling, and ventilation. Here you have a variety of choices from which to decide.

Natural ventilation

Some greenhouses can be ventilated using side and roof vents. They can be opened as required to provide the desired airflow and warmth. Most of them can be used with automatic openers, which are controlled by the heat inside the greenhouse.

Circulating fans

Keep in mind that cooling demands vary based on location and greenhouse model. It helps force warm air out and cool air in. It keeps air moving.

Exhaust Fans

It should be able to move small air masses without drafts (winter) and yet provide enough fan capacity for an air exchange inside the house each minute throughout summer.


It automatically stops the fans when the desired warmth is reached or starts the fan when it gets too hot.

Shade Cloths

Shade cloths or shade curtains are pretty affordable and can reduce temperatures by up to 10 degrees. Click here to browse through our shade cloth systems!