Janssens T-Shaped Royal Victorian Orangerie 13×16


  • Elegant T-shaped design
  • Spacious interior
  • 4mm tempered glass
Janssens T-Shaped Royal Victorian Orangerie 10ft x 16ft in a garden with great view of mountains and a lake
Janssens T-Shaped Royal Victorian Orangerie 13×16

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The Royal Victorian Orangerie is for those, who want to use their greenhouse to pursue their hobby and hold social gatherings. This classic English greenhouse puts a spotlight on your backyard and provides the best insulation and features of modern technology.

Whether you are overwintering special or valuable plants from the cold, starting seedlings or creating a tropical jungle, you can enjoy years of maintenance-free use with this fully loaded kit.

The Royal Victorian Orangerie uses 4mm tempered glass while others use only 3mm glass. All glass panes are secured with heavy-duty rubber seals for better insulation all the way around – others use only metal clips or flimsy thin rubber strips. The vertical glass is only one piece, which looks much nicer because it doesn’t create an overlapping which fills with dirt like other models.

The Royal Victorian Greenhouse is one of the premier greenhouses in the “Helios” line of greenhouses from Janssens in Belgium. This company has been making high-end glass greenhouses for over 30 years.

Janssens – 75 Years of Experience

Janssens is a Belgian manufacturing company that specializes in high-end greenhouses, orangeries, and more. They are market leaders in Europe and in the USA. Their elegant glass greenhouses stand out because of their high-quality design and innovation.

Product Details

  • Classic English greenhouse puts a spotlight on your backyard and provides the features of modern technology
  • Frame material: Thick, strong aluminum frame, frame finish is applied electrostatically for a thicker application and better coverage
  • Sidewall material/thickness: 4mm tempered glass
  • Great insulation: Tightly fitted design with rubber seals, 4mm tempered glass, and rubber seals around windows
  • Door: 1x double sliding doors that can be put in any vertical glass location (front, back, or sides)
  • Roof vents: 4x roof vents with 2x automatic openers and 2x manual spindle openers
  • Decorative roof ridge adds a touch of English sophistication
  • 2x Louver windows for better ventilation
  • Wind rating: 115 MPH (3-second gusts)
  • Snow load: 28.5 PSF (Roof Live Load: 20 PSF)
  • Included in the T-Shaped Royal Victorian Orangerie Greenhouse Kit:
    • Aluminum frame, 4mm glass panels, rubber seals and hardware
    • 1x double sliding door
    • 4x roof vents, 2 Automatic + 2 Spindle openers
    • 2x Louver windows
    • Integrated 3″ foundation frame
    • Gutters with downspouts
    • Roof ridge decor
    • Assembly guide (also available here)
  • Included in the Premium kit:
    • T-Shaped Royal Victorian Orangerie Greenhouse Kit
    • 1x 10-feet long seed tray shelf (20″ wide, 4″ deep)
    • 1x 4-inch narrow top shelf (10′ long)
    • 5-piece shade curtain
    • Misting system – you just have to provide a hose to connect to a faucet
  • OPTIONAL Low Threshold Kit: For sliding doors only! Decrease the doorstep to 1.25″ (instead of 4.5″) – You will have to cut the existing greenhouse frame. Comes with a new sliding door frame that adds a lock. Get more information about the Low Threshold Kit here!
  • OPTIONAL Hinged Door Upgrade: Convert the sliding door into a hinged lockable door. A hinged door also offers more insulation and comes with a lower threshold. Get more information about the Hinged Door Kit here!
  • Rainwater gutter systems: Shoulder with large gutters and downspouts which is about 1 foot higher than other greenhouses
  • Expandable: No
  • Frame color: Elegant Dark Green or Black
  • Sidewall/shoulders height: 6′ 7″
  • Peak height: 9′
  • Floor space: 186 sq.ft.
  • Dimensions: 12’10” wide x 15’6″ long x 9′ high
  • Assembly time: You should have at least one helper and plan a weekend to assemble (plan extra time for the ground preparation). The glass panels and frame pieces are heavy. Do not attempt to assemble it by yourself!
  • Warranty: 15-year limited
  • Made in Belgium
  • Imported by Exaco Trading: We are a proud dealer for Exaco because they offer high-quality products with excellent customer service to help you with any post-purchase problems (if they occur).


General questions

Are there more customizations available?

If our selection isn’t quite what you want, you could get a custom Janssens greenhouse. Keep in mind the wait time will be longer (around 6 months). Sometimes it’s worth waiting if you can get exactly what you want. You can use Janssens’ configurator tool here! This way you can show us exactly what you want and we can get a quote for you.

Does it need a concrete foundation?

All Janssens greenhouses require proper footing because of the included foundation frame. We don’t recommend complete concrete slabs because they hold a lot of heat in the summer and a lot of cold in the winter. A glass greenhouse already heats up and cools down very easily. A footer filled with gravel, dirt, or pea rock in the middle is a better option. You have to cement the foundation into the footer for the perfect stability. Do not set concrete in the corners until the entire greenhouse frame is complete, level, and square! Please, have a look at the manual or this assembly video for the Royal Victorians. They illustrate how it’s done correctly.

Can I put the Royal Victorians on a stem wall?

Yes, you can purchase a drop door kit so that you can install the greenhouse on a 10-40” high stem wall. Please note, the kit does not include the glass that goes on top of the door. You can purchase this piece locally to suit your desired height.

Is it possible/wise to remove the rain gutters, say during the winter months?

No, the gutters are part of the aluminum extrusion.

Should we choose glass or Polycarbonate?

The choice between glass and Polycarbonate is an important one because they will serve different purposes. To keep it short: Glass is purely for aesthetics and Polycarbonate for functionality. You’ll have more protection from the weather and a better growing environment with Polycarbonate. It doesn’t look as nice as glass, though. Benefits & disadvantages of glass:

  • Great aesthetics
  • Fragile, may break
  • Panes do not fade or scratch easily
  • Allows most light, doesn’t break light (not a good thing in hot climates)
  • Less insulating
  • Heavy panels are difficult to handle
  • Easier and less expensive to find a replacement if needed
  • Harder to keep clean/clear (hard water, they will fog with humid climate inside the greenhouse)

Benefits & disadvantages of Polycarbonate:

  • Less visually pleasing
  • Sturdy, less likely to break
  • Panes may scratch and fad