Janssens Gigant Greenhouse

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  • Larger, thicker, stronger aluminum profiles
  • Most customizable greenhouse
  • Sidewall height: 7′ – 10′ (12′ peak)
  • Choose your size 15′ – 20′ wide and 15′  – 59′ long
  • Great insulation

This product is only available for custom order. Price will vary. 

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Janssens Gigant greenhouse - large glass greenhouse in front of house
Janssens Gigant Greenhouse

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Take a look at Janssens Gigant Greenhouse. It is luxury and elegance that extends far beyond the ordinary! From the renowned Belgian manufacturer, Janssens AluSystems, this custom order glass greenhouse offers a unique fusion of functionality and style, perfect for those seeking to extend their living spaces while indulging in their love for horticulture.

The Janssens Gigant Greenhouse is fittingly named, boasting an opulent interior that effortlessly accommodates a variety of flora. This is one of the tallest and biggest glass greenhouse kits you can get with multiple sizing options to choose from. You can fully customize this greenhouse to your needs.

By adding different vents, the Gigant Greenhouse facilitates optimal airflow and temperature regulation, ensuring your comfort within this luxurious glass haven. You can pick any number of roof vents (with auto-openers), louver vents, and top-hanging windows. Make it easily accessible by choosing wide double doors (sliding or hinged). This way it will facilitate the movement of larger garden supplies or lounge furniture.

Crafted with robust, rust-resistant aluminum profiles, this structure exudes resilience and longevity, mirroring the qualities of its owner. The high-grade glass panes lend a touch of elegance and ensure the maximum influx of natural light.

The Gigant Greenhouse offers an array of refined features such as integrated gutters for a streamlined water management system and optional add-ons like fly screens and shade curtains for enhanced temperature control, catering to your bespoke needs and preferences.

The Janssens Gigant Greenhouse is more than a greenhouse. It’s a symbol of sophistication, a space where opulence meets nature. With its impressive size, durability, and state-of-the-art insulation properties, it is the ideal choice for those seeking a luxurious extension to their living space. This greenhouse not only provides an optimal environment for your plants but also delivers a tranquil space for relaxation and reprieve. Indulge in the elegance of the Janssens Gigant Greenhouse, where your love for luxury and nature unite.

Janssens – 75 Years of Experience

Janssens is a Belgian manufacturing company that specializes in high-end greenhouses, orangeries, and more. They are market leaders in Europe and in the USA. Their elegant glass greenhouses stand out because of their high-quality design and innovation.

Product Details

  • Large glass greenhouse with great insulation for ample space to host gatherings and/or grow plants
  • More strength: Larger, thicker, stronger aluminum profiles than those of any competitor in this price range
  • Taller design for more headroom: 12′ peak is higher than any other greenhouses
  • Frame material: Thick, strong aluminum frame
  • Frame finish is applied electrostatically for a thicker application and better coverage
  • Sidewall material/thickness: 4mm tempered glass
  • Great insulation: Tightly fitted design with rubber seals between frame and glazing, as well as sealant around windows
  • Door: you can choose between sliding or hinged doors as a single or double door; can be installed on any vertical glass location at the front, back or sides. Choose your favorite door type or use in combination!
  • Roof vents: Add any number of roof vents (29″ x 33″) for effective ventilation; with automatic non-electric openers that open the window when it gets too hot in the greenhouse
  • Window: Add louver vents or top-hanging (push-out) windows to your liking
  • Portal frame (support bars): Additional support for the size of the greenhouse. You can customize for high wind or snow conditions.
  • Rainwater gutter system: Gutter with downspouts on both sides
  • Warranty: 15 years limited
  • Made in Belgium
  • Imported by Exaco Trading: We are a proud dealer for Exaco because they offer high-quality products with excellent customer service to help you with any post-purchase problems (if they occur).


  • Stem wall: available for 8″, 16″, and 24″
  • Expandable: No
  • Frame color: Black
  • Glass panel widths: 14″ or 29″
  • Sidewall height: 6’8″ – 9’7″
  • Peak height: 12′
  • Available widths: 15′, 17’5″, 19’10”
  • Available lengths: various from 15′ to 58’7″
  • Floor space: 215 – 1162 sq. ft.

Shipping & Assembly

  • Assembly time: Plan for a full weekend and get some helpers. It is highly recommended to hire a contractor to assemble this greenhouse because of the large dimensions. You may also need to plan more time to prepare the base because you will need to build a concrete footer.
  • Shipping information: This product is delivered via LTL which is curbside delivery only. The driver will be using a pallet jack and liftgate to slide the crate off and will need help from the customer with the unloading of the framing boxes. We recommend having a couple of people there for the delivery.