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  • Sale! Black Riverstone Monticello Greenhouse 8x8 in a garden

  • Sale! Black Riverstone Monticello Greenhouse 8x8 in a garden

  • Sale! Hoklartherm Riga 2s greenhouse exterior view, white background, roof window open

  • Sale! Exterior view of A-frame greenhouse, door open, shelves lined with plants visible in interior

  • Sale! Solexx Early Bloomer Greenhouse 8ft x 8ft Front View with open door and visible interior with flower table

  • Sale! Woman standing at open door of arched greenhouse, interior shelves filled with flowering potted plants, woman watering potted plant with extension sprayer

  • Out of stock Sale!

  • Sale! Exterior view of arched lean-to greenhouse against trellis board, door open, plants visible in interior on shelving

  • Rion 8ft x 8ft Sun Room 2 Greenhouse - HG7608 - by the wall - full view

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Two small greenhouses at the top and bottom with the text in middle saying: Small Greenhouses - perfect for hobby gardeners with little backyards

What is a small greenhouse?

Our small greenhouse collection contains all greenhouse kits with up to 65 square feet. Here you will find all brands that we sell with FREE SHIPPING to the continental U.S.

How to pick the right greenhouse size?

Small greenhouses offer a great solution for limited space. Some of them are mainly used for extending your growing season. If you have the room for a larger greenhouse in your garden, we suggest buying one size larger than you planned. However, some of our greenhouses are extendable, so you can also start with a small size and upgrade later on.

Couldn’t find the size you are looking for in here?

Check out our medium and large greenhouses!