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Once a greenhouse is in position, there are many accessories possible to help the gardener and to maximize the value. Your garden is an enclosed setting, an organization will also help lessen headaches down the road. Leave an area for trays when stuffing the greenhouse in fall. When starting seedlings, make sure to identify each tray and each plant. This will stop you from wondering which plants are the bell peppers and which are the jalapenos.

What greenhouse accessories do we offer for planting & growing?

Hydroponic floating tray

Many gardeners skip springing their own seeds because of the time and struggle to get them started, but there are some great ideas to start your own seeds hydroponically. Also, you get the pleasure of growing a plant from a little seed rather than just pulling up a seedling. Congratulations! You developed your own seedlings into a healthy plant for your hydroponic system. Depending on the species of plant, you will be able to get your first yield about four to eight weeks from the moment you transplant your seedlings.

Trellising kits & spirals

Common vining plants are typical climbers. They seek aerial ground. It is fit to use as tomato trellis, cucumber and vines trellis, etc. It is the perfect way to display and hold your vining plants as they rise to full height. Remember to place your trellis before the plants rise and you will appreciate it all season. It is fast and simple to erect. The spiral pattern is convenient because it is easy to access the plant for pruning and sustenance. Plants are supported to grow upward through the spiral, which gives support on all sides of your plant.

Plant hangers

Plants add instantaneous fashion and character to a place. Use the plant hangers to place shade cloth on the inside of your greenhouse or to hold your vine crops. It fits all Palram greenhouses. It is easy to use. Simply insert into roof rafter channels and twists to install. Precise anchoring is the best method to prevent your greenhouse from damage by unpredictable weather. They can be used to secure your Rion greenhouse to a wood or cement base. Just click and secure into profile channel. It is also suitable for hanging plants, flowerpots and vine crops.

Plant hooks

Plant hooks are a great option to increase the vertical growing space in your greenhouse. There are different systems you can benefit from, such as frame hooks and pulley systems. The latter allows you to easily raise and lower your hanging plants. Simply pull the brake cord as you control the plant down with your other hand to the desired height. It is simple and practical.

Rechargeable pollinator

A rechargeable pollinator is a device that can be utilized in a greenhouse or outdoor. It can be used to improve plant pollination of vegetables and fruits, as well as to crossbreed flowers in the greenhouse and will increase the harvest by 30% yearly.

Seed trays

Seed trays have become an essential greenhouse supply in the process of industrialized seedling production. It doesn’t damage roots when removing and has a high survival scale.