Exaco Riga L Greenhouses


  • Great snow & wind performance
  • Sturdy, insulated structure
  • 8mm & 10mm twin-wall polycarbonate
  • Made in Germany
Front of Riga 5 Greenhouse with Dutch Door open
Exaco Riga L Greenhouses

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If you’re after a greenhouse that gives you plenty of space not just for plants but for your garden tools, and maybe even a cozy spot to relax or a unique pool enclosure, check out the Riga L Greenhouses. These aren’t your average greenhouses; they’re like an extra room out in your garden. With their unique gothic-arch design, they offer lots of headroom and smart features. It’s a perfect year-round home for your plants and a great space for you to enjoy your garden to the fullest.

Sizes for Every Space

Offered in three spacious dimensions, the Riga L is tailored for gardeners seeking more room to grow without overwhelming their outdoor space. While larger than the Riga S, the Riga L maintains an efficient use of space, ensuring a rich, expansive environment for a diverse range of plants without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality.

Riga 3 Greenhouse in a garden
Riga 3 (10×11)
Riga 4 Greenhouse with rock foundation in the backyard of a house
Riga 4 (10×14)
Front of Riga 5 Greenhouse with Dutch Door open
Riga 5 (10×18)

Crafted with the distinctive “onion” or “bell” shape, the Riga L is designed to maximize headroom, allowing taller gardeners to move freely without the need to stoop. This ergonomic design not only enhances the gardening experience but also provides ample space for additional shelving and the growth of climbing plants.

Durability Meets Design: The Riga L features a gothic-arch shape that prevents snow and wind from gaining a foothold. This design ensures snow easily slides off and strong winds are smoothly redirected.

This design, coupled with frame profiles that are thicker and of larger diameter than typical greenhouses, provides unmatched structural integrity against the elements.

Superior Materials for Supreme Insulation

With sidewalls featuring 8mm UV-coated twin-wall polycarbonate and gables of 10mm thickness, the Riga L offers exceptional insulation, outperforming even the glass windows of a home. This superior insulation is further enhanced by heavy-duty rubber seals and weather seals around the windows, achieving an impressive R-value of 2.0.

The varying thickness of the polycarbonate serves a dual purpose. The thinner 8mm polycarbonate on the sidewalls allows for more light transmission, crucial for the growth and health of plants, especially in the higher latitudes. Meanwhile, the thicker 10mm polycarbonate on the gables provides added durability and strength, ensuring the greenhouse can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Additional Features & Benefits

Easy Access & Superior Airflow: Featuring a wide Dutch Door for easy access, secured with a key-lock handle. By opening the top of the Dutch Door along with the large rear wall window, it creates an efficient airflow system throughout the greenhouse.

Featured image showcasing the Dutch Door and large rear wall window on the Riga L Greenhouses
Auto opener installed on the roof vent on a Riga Greenhouse

Automatic Roof Vent: Facilitates air circulation without the need for electricity.

Robust Construction: The Riga L is crafted with an anodized aluminum frame featuring a smooth finish for durability. It is enhanced by stainless steel connectors and angles that will not rust or corrode, ensuring long-term resilience. Additionally, the frame profiles are designed to interlock securely, preventing them from coming loose over time due to wind pressures.

Detail view of a connecting plate of a Riga S Greenhouse