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Do you dream of having an elegantly planned and spacious greenhouse? Janssens Greenhouse Kits with a European-styled roof frame will be perfect for you. It will surely become a classic piece in your garden. The large interior provides you a place for anything you choose to plant. Janssens Greenhouse Kits give you everything you need to grow your plants, flowers, herbs, and veggies.

Your herbs and veggies will taste better and retain a higher vitamin content. Make it a place of solitude with an open-air sunroom, a hot tub, a relaxing spa or covered pool. Gardening is therapeutic and a greenhouse supports people to extend the healing during the off-season. Enjoy your first-class quality greenhouse setting!

The Belgian greenhouse producer offers high-end garden houses for people, who want an efficient and yet traditional product. They offer everything from small Victorian greenhouses to beautiful, spacious orangeries, where you can have quality time with your family surrounded by your favorite plants.

Why choose a Janssens Greenhouse?

  • More strength: Larger, thicker, stronger aluminum profiles than those of any competitor in this price range
  • Taller design: 1 foot higher, which gives you more headroom and a maximum usage of all space
  • Glazing: Choose between 4mm glass or 10mm Polycarbonate for most of their products
  • Significantly better insulated than other glass greenhouses because of rubber seals, single pane windows, and 4mm glass or 10mm Polycarbonate twin-walls
  • 6″ high foundation frame included – others usually cost extra
  • Ventilation: Roof vents with (automatic) openers and a louver window provide air flow
  • Misting system: Some have it already included
  • Door: Most Janssens greenhouses allow you to install the door in any vertical glass location (front, back, or sides)
  • Frame finish is applied electrostatically for a thicker application and better coverage
  • Made in Belgium
  • Imported by Exaco Trading: We are a proud dealer for Exaco because they offer high-quality products with excellent customer service to help you with any post-purchase problems (if they occur).