Exaco Riga XL Greenhouses


  • Sturdy, insulated structure
  • 16mm triple-wall polycarbonate
  • R-Value: 3.0
  • Great snow & wind performance
Beautiful setting of a Exaco Riga XL8 Greenhouse in the backyard of a house with mountains in the background
Exaco Riga XL Greenhouses

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For those of us who love to get our hands dirty in the garden, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to hang up our gloves when the first frost hits. That’s where the Riga XL Greenhouse comes in – a game changer for gardeners living in cooler climates who are tired of the short growing seasons. With its thick 16mm triple-wall Polycarbonate panels and solid gothic arch design, this greenhouse keeps the cold at bay, giving your plants a cozy, protected space to thrive all year round. No more calling it quits when winter rolls in; with the Riga XL, you can keep growing your favorite veggies, fruits, and flowers, regardless of snow or wind outside.

It’s the perfect solution for those of us who aren’t quite ready to give up the garden just because the calendar says it’s winter.

Greens grown in a Exaco Riga XL Greenhouse while there's snow outside

Built to Last, Built to Protect

With its hefty 16mm triple-wall Polycarbonate panels, the Riga XL isn’t just tough; it’s like giving your plants a winter coat that blocks out the cold but lets in all the sunlight they crave. This isn’t your typical, flimsy season-extender. It’s a full-blown, all-season greenhouse that keeps the chill out and warmth in, so you can keep those tomatoes and orchids happy year-round.

Build tough, sealed tight: This strong aluminum frame braces itself against anything the weather can throw at it, from gusts to heavy snow. But there’s more: wedge seals between the frame and glazing for that extra snugness and warmth, making the Riga XL not just sturdy, but a fortress for your plants.

Featured image of the Exaco Riga XL Greenhouses showcasing the sturdy framework and tight seals

Smart Design for Smart Gardeners

That gothic arch isn’t just for looks. It’s shaped to make sure snow doesn’t stick around, sliding right off instead of piling up. And wind? It just seems to glide over and around, leaving your plants undisturbed. Plus, the height and variety of sizes mean you can grow everything from your basic herbs to ambitious fruit trees. Want to elevate things a bit? Add a stem wall for even more growing room.

Massive amounts of snow around Exaco Riga XL Greenhouse