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What are geodesic domes and what makes them special?

Geodesic domes are formed by a series of triangles that fit together, creating a tight waterproof structure. The triangle construction is what gives a dome such a powerful architecture.

When pressure is applied to one part of any triangle, the pressure is transmitted to the other angles of the triangle, and in turn to the adjacent parts of the structure. Whenever a part of the structure is under pressure, the weight is shared across the entire structure, giving the domes incredible ability to withstand the elements.
Geodesic dome greenhouses in gardens with the text: Geodesic Domes - Grow your plants in a bubble greenhouse

Advantages of domes

  • Resistant to natural elements such as wind, snow, and rain
  • Safe in earthquakes
  • Energy-efficient due to free air and energy circulation throughout the structure
  • Less surface area creates an energy-efficient space that is less likely to be influenced by outside temperatures
  • Very strong due to their shape
  • Save money on cost and materials: Enclose the highest volume of open interior space with the lowest required surface area
  • Easy to assemble kits do not require construction experience
  • Dome supports itself without any internal columns or support walls

Disadvantages of domes

  • Curved walls require specialized shelving, furniture, or decor – fewer options than traditional greenhouses
  • Limited options for windows and doors due to round shape
  • Non-conventional shape may not blend into environment