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  • Installed Additional Wind Restraint System

  • Out of stock Installed RSI 18-inch Louver Wall Mounted Window

  • Automatic Window Opener on a Janssens Royal Victorian Greenhouse

  • Installed Riga Sash-Lock on a door

  • Janssens Royal Victorian Drop-Door Kit installed on a Royal Victorian Greenhouse, which is sitting on a stem wall

  • Automatic opener of the window on Hoklartherm Riga 2s Greenhouse 7.8x7

  • Installed Janssens Royal Victorian Single Sliding Door - door inside the red square

  • Black-framed MONT with a red frame around the door kit

  • Installed Janssens Royal Victorian Additional Sliding Door inside the red square

  • Fully opened Janssens Royal Victorian Louver Window

  • Riverstone MONT Greenhouse 8x20 - roof vent with automatic opener

  • Spindle opener on one window of the Janssens Royal Victorian Greenhouse

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Greenhouses trap solar radiation thereby increases the temperature in the environment, which is commonly known as the greenhouse effect. If this heat is not removed from the environment it can cause undesirable conditions for plant growth or worse. Here are various vents & doors options for the greenhouses we sell to help you to control your growing environment.

Why buy additional vents and doors

Greenhouse vents

Greenhouse manufacturers can determine the suggested number of air vents your greenhouse should need. Greenhouse vents and vent openers let hot air to escape while simultaneously providing fresh air into the greenhouse. It gives a soft breeze which helps promote good airflow. Vents can be hand-operated or automated. Automatic vent openers are a favorite alternative because they are totally solar-powered and do not need any electricity. No need to worry about your plants overheating. The location of vents is essential because your purpose is to generate as much air circulation as possible.

Louvre window vents lead cooler air into the greenhouse to average moisture as it blends with warm air inside before it leaves through your roof vent. Louver windows can be manipulated manually or automatically to provide perfect growing conditions, especially for busy people.

Greenhouse doors

Add fashion, security, and productivity to your greenhouse door. It may look like a minor concern but it does not only present you with easy entrance inside the greenhouse, it is also designed to help in ensuring sufficient airflow. For example, having two doors will help in creating good airflow than a single door. By precisely outlining the point of your doors you can guarantee excellent air circulation. Higher and wider doors give you more versatility in your gardening procedure. They make the transport of gear simpler and quicker.

Door extensions also allow you to install your greenhouse on a stem wall to increase the overall headroom.

Greenhouse sliding doors save space compared to hinged doors because they do not block walking paths. That is why a well-planned movement system with no door restrictions can mean a lot.

Determining the right greenhouse door is an essential action in guaranteeing your greenhouse is energy-saving and properly secured.