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Nowadays, you can purchase rain barrels that blend in your garden design perfectly. They are fully enclosed to keep mosquitoes out. Using an outdoor rain barrel can divert rainwater back to the landscape or for other uses. Rainwater is also best for your compost instead of tap water. Check out our rain barrel collection!

Advantages of capturing and storing rainwater with a rain barrel

Installing a rain barrel is an easy way to make your place environmentally friendly. Collecting rainwater doesn’t just benefit your own household benefits but also the ones in your neighborhood. It reduces the amount of rainwater runoff and improves the water quality in your community. It reduces the water that is being discharged to sewers and other bodies of water around your place. Soil erosion can be reduced as well in some places. It helps control local small flooding.

These added benefits are significant to help the environment in your own little ways. Most people may not realize that conserving water can also save energy. Less than 10% of electricity in the United States is used to pump, treat, and heat water. You can personally help r