A Practical Guide to Picking Your Greenhouse Kit

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A Practical Guide to Picking Your Greenhouse Kit

Are you contemplating the idea of a greenhouse but feeling a bit lost? Diving into the world of greenhouses can feel a bit like navigating a jungle without a map. That’s why we put our heads together and wrote this invaluable resource: “Your Greenhouse, Your Choice: A Practical Guide to Picking Your Greenhouse Kit.” This eBook is your trusty guide through the maze of greenhouse selection.

We’ve been helping our customers pick their greenhouse kits since 2016 and we’ve noticed that some rather read through our tips than have a chat with us on the phone. So we created this eBook to provide a clear, user-friendly guide that covers every facet of the greenhouse purchasing process.

Beginning with an overview of different greenhouse styles with their benefits or disadvantages, this eBook walks you through the wide variety of types, features, and materials available. Understanding the impacts of local climate and choosing the best location for your greenhouse can be challenging, so we’ve included a detailed section on these crucial aspects. The eBook also provides an insight into the greenhouse foundation types and controlling the climate inside the greenhouse.

Whether you’re an amateur gardener or an aspiring commercial grower, this guide will assist you in identifying and purchasing a greenhouse that fits both your needs and your budget.

But this isn’t just a barrage of information. We’ve made sure it’s easy on the eyes with clear illustrations and lists. We’ve even included a handy worksheet to keep you on track so you can write down your own requirements and setting!

In short, “Your Greenhouse, Your Choice: A Practical Guide to Picking Your Greenhouse Kit” is like having a savvy gardener buddy by your side, helping you make sense of the greenhouse world and pointing you in the right direction. We’re super excited to be a part of your greenhouse journey, so let’s get started, shall we?

What’s included?

  • Tips & practical information on greenhouse kits with beautiful images and colorful illustrations to make it easy to understand
  • Different greenhouse shapes with their benefits & disadvantages
  • What key features to look out for when looking at greenhouse kits, including:
    • Glass vs polycarbonate
    • Framing materials
    • Insulation value
    • Accessories
  • Tips on finding the best spot to place your greenhouse
  • Different foundation types
  • Short excursion: How to heat and cool a greenhouse
  • Guidance on when to involve professionals in your assembly process
  • An interactive worksheet with questions for you to answer so you can find the perfect solution for your needs
  • Length: 83 pages
  • PDF file: Perfect for reading on tablets, mobile devices, or computers