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Seed propagation is the process of multiplying, reproducing or breeding new plants that are done through the use of seeds. Seeds can be grown and planted in different pots or starter plugs until they develop seedlings. To achieve quality plants, begin with a healthy quality seed. These four environmental factors which influence germination are water, oxygen, light, and temperature. If you want to organize and improve your seedlings, check out the products in this collection!

Importance of seed starting and propagation accessories

A rechargeable pollinator is a device that can be utilized in a greenhouse or outdoor. It can be used to improve plant pollination of vegetables and fruits. It can also be used to crossbreed flowers in the greenhouse and will increase the harvest by 30% yearly. Improved yields and higher class crops are privileges that farmers and buyers receive from a reliable pollinator. Physically engineered manufactured plant pollinators lead to the evolution of high-performance machines that can help reverse the drop in honeybee populations.

A seedling tray is becoming an important agricultural accessory. It must be non-toxic, pest-free, breathable and excellent drainage, steady PH values and should only maintain the originally carried nutrients. It reduces the need for repetitious planting. It is a simple, yet valuable tools that help increase productivity, improve growth and make gardening manageable. Every inch matters, which is another reason why gardeners sow as many seeds as possible in trays and transplant them out when it is ready.

Advantages of seeding tray

  • Reduction of production expenses
  • Can be used with a variety of planters
  • Neatly arranged seeds
  • Maintain consistency in seedling maturity
  • Do not destroy roots when transplanting
  • Higher survival rate
  • More productive use of space
  • Extends the growing season
  • The roots of seedling develop to its maximum size
  • Seedlings planted in trays are strong, healthy and disease free
  • Roots are not disturbed
  • More productivity in limited space
  • Easy handling and transport of seedlings