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Why should you choose a geodesic dome?

Geodesic domes are unique in shape and create visual contrast in any landscape. Their special structure allows for them to stand upright using only the force of gravity. There are no poles in the center of the structure to work around and therefore plenty of space in each dome.

Domes can withstand high winds and large snow loads because the dome shape doesn’t allow for build-up. Cold corners do not exist in a geodesic dome structure. So, your plant growing space or extended living area will remain warm and comfortable year-round.

Benefits of Lumen & Forge Geodesic Domes

Another great feature of geodesic domes is that they are efficient in every way. Their unique shape prevents cold corners. Their construction is ecologically conscious as their special shape requires fewer materials to construct. These spheres enclose the most volume possible for their footprint space while having the least amount of surface space. This means you have more options when you are determining how to fill your greenhouse or outdoor space.

It also means they are very efficient when it comes to heating and cooling. There is less surface area to lose the desired temperature air. There is also less energy required to heat or cool the air because there is less loss of air and better circulation overall. Less surface area for exterior contact also means less to clean when it’s time to spruce up the exterior of your greenhouse.

With over 15 years of industry experience, this US-based company builds stunning large domes for 360° entertainment. They have worked on different large-scale projects with reputable companies, such as National Geographic, Jeep, Capital One. Now, they are bringing their structural expertise into everyone’s garden so that you can create your own little dome oasis.

Features of Lumen & Forge Geodesic Domes

  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Incredible wind and snow tolerance due to geodesic shape
  • Models range from 13ft to 20ft
  • Flexibility to customize the interior as desired with lighting, artwork, furniture, and more!
  • Clear vinyl cover provides visibility while covering the outdoor area from the elements
  • Side vents to improve air circulation