Exaco Janssens Junior Victorian Greenhouse


  • Thick, strong aluminum frame
  • 4mm tempered glass 
  • Elegant Roof Decor
  • Gutters with downspout
  • 15- Year Warranty
Janssens Junior Victorian J-Vic 24 in a garden setting
Exaco Janssens Junior Victorian Greenhouse

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Designed for modern gardeners who value the sophistication of Victorian style in a compact form, the Exaco Janssens Junior Victorian Greenhouse is an ideal choice for smaller, urban backyards. This series combines space efficiency with high-quality glass and superior insulation, creating a beautiful environment for plants and ensuring effective temperature regulation.

The Exaco Junior Victorian Greenhouse range seamlessly blends the classic elegance of Victorian architecture with the practical benefits of contemporary glass greenhouse design. Offered in three sizes (8’x10′, 8’x13′, and 8’x15′), it provides an aesthetically pleasing and functionally adept solution, catering to gardeners who seek both beauty and utility in compact spaces.

Key features & benefits of the Exaco Janssens Junior Victorian Greenhouses

Perfect for gardening and relaxation: The Junior Victorian Greenhouse is an excellent choice for those who love hands-on gardening, offering a space for nurturing plants and honing horticultural skills. It also doubles as a serene retreat for personal relaxation and connecting with the tranquility of nature.

Elegant Victorian charm and property appeal: Featuring elegant ornate cresting, it brings a refined Victorian flair to your garden. Its striking design not only fulfills a functional purpose but also significantly elevates the aesthetic appeal and value of your property.

Sturdy and clear construction: Built with a durable aluminum frame and 4mm tempered safety glass, it offers longevity and unobstructed views of your garden. This robust combination not only withstands harsh weather conditions but also maintains a crystal-clear appearance over time, providing a consistently pleasing aesthetic and a reliable structure for your gardening adventures.

Balanced light for plant health: The clear glass of the Exaco Junior Victorian Greenhouse provides generous light exposure, crucial for the growth of your plants or for brightening your outdoor living space. To protect your plants or people from excessive sunlight, the greenhouse is designed to accommodate shade curtains. These curtains allow you to easily control the amount of light, ensuring your plants receive just the right balance for optimal growth without the risk of burning.

Optimal insulation and maintenance ease: Janssens Greenhouses feature full-length vertical glass panels. The seamless construction prevents potential air leaks and the collection of dirt. The glass panes are secured with heavy-duty rubber seals which create better insulation all the way around.

Janssens Junior Glass Greenhouse with a feature window for the insulating rubber seals that are holding the full-length glass panels in place

Versatile interior space: Offers flexible layout options with the potential for integrated shelving and hanging systems, making the most of the available space.

how much warmer does a greenhouse get

Effective ventilation: Roof windows with automatic openers maintain essential air circulation for plant health and pest control. The mechanical window openers automatically open and close depending on the temperature inside.

Built to last: The Exaco Janssens Junior Victorian Greenhouse is designed for enduring performance. It has undergone rigorous TUV and GS testing, guaranteeing a consistently safe operating environment. Plus, with an extensive warranty of 15 years, you can trust in its quality and durability for years to come.

Clever water management: The Junior Victorian Greenhouse features integrated gutters and downspouts for efficient rainwater management. This thoughtful design facilitates the collection of rainwater, which you can conveniently repurpose for irrigation. Using this natural resource enhances the sustainability and eco-friendliness of your gardening practices.

Close-up of the corner of the gutter system found on Janssens Victorian Greenhouses

Janssens – 75 Years of Experience

Janssens is a Belgian manufacturing company that specializes in high-end greenhouses, orangeries, and more. They are market leaders in Europe and in the USA. Their elegant glass greenhouses stand out because of their high-quality design and innovation.

Imported by Exaco Trading

As a trusted dealer for Exaco, we offer products that embody the finest in European quality and craftsmanship. Exaco Trading is known for importing superior garden products, backed by outstanding customer service. They are dedicated to assisting with any post-purchase inquiries or issues, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience for all our customers.

Exaco Janssens Junior Victorian Greenhouses are available in three different sizes: 8×10 (J-Vic 23), 8×13 (J-Vic 24), and 8×15 (J-Vic 25). Have a look at the galleries below for more images of each size!

Spotlight: J-Vic 23 (8′ x 10′)

Spotlight: J-Vic 24 (8′ x 13′)