Exaco Janssens Junior Victorian Greenhouse


  • Thick, strong aluminum frame
  • 4mm tempered glass 
  • Elegant Roof Decor
  • Gutters with downspout
  • 15- Year Warranty


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    Janssens Low Threshold Kit for Sliding Doors


    Janssens Low Threshold Kit for Sliding Doors Do you need a way to lower the entry for your Janssens Greenhouse? The Janssens Low Threshold Kit for Sliding Doors is the answer! This threshold kit attaches to the existing greenhouse frame (4.5 inches high) to lower the entry to your greenhouse to 1.25 inches. No stumbling […]


    Janssens Additional Roof Window


    Janssens Additional Roof Window Add more cross breeze to your greenhouse by adding a Janssens Additional Roof Window. This is an additional roof window for Janssens Victorian Greenhouses. It’s the same unit that already comes with the greenhouse kit but maybe you want to add another vent to your greenhouse. Features & Benefits Additional roof vent […]


    Janssens Automatic Roof Window Opener


    Janssens Automatic Roof Window Opener The Automatic Roof Window Opener is intended to automatically regulate the temperature and to provide better ventilation in all Royal Victorian Greenhouses. As the air inside the greenhouse warms, the vent gradually opens to release the suitable amount of airflow into the greenhouse and closes when the optimal temperature is attained. […]


    Janssens Spindle Opener for Roof Window


    Janssens Spindle Opener for Roof Window The Spindle Opener for Roof Window allows manual ventilation in your Royal Victorian Greenhouse. A spindle opener is great in windy locations because it secures the window and you can decide when to open and close it. The spindle opener is attached to the frame and the roof window. […]


    Riga Roof Window Wind Restraint System


    Riga Roof Window Wind Restraint System The Riga Roof Window Wind Restraint System protects your windows with auto-openers from powerful wind gusts that blow the vent open. Wind gust obstacles such as accidents, breakage or roof opener damages are minimized. This system has two 15in stainless steel cables with nuts and bolts. Good for one window.  […]


    Janssens Victorian Louver Window


    Janssens Royal Victorian Louver Window Enhance your greenhouse’s ventilation and create the ideal environment for your plants with the Janssens Victorian Louver Window. Designed to complement your Janssens Royal or Junior Victorian Greenhouse, this add-on ensures your interior remains well-ventilated and at the perfect temperature for plant growth. To suit varying needs and preferences, it […]



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    Janssens Shade Curtains


    Janssens Shade Curtains Shaded areas are useful for reducing heat stress for plants and for providing the proper light requirements to your crops. Adding the Janssens Shade Curtains enables you to create those shaded areas within your greenhouse structure. Protect your plants while adding a sophisticated appearance to your Janssens greenhouse. Shade curtains are useful […]


    Janssens Seed Tray Shelves


    Janssens Seed Tray Shelves Boost your gardening with the Janssens Seed Tray Shelves, designed to fit perfectly in your Janssens greenhouse. These shelves make it easy to keep your greenhouse tidy and handle your plants comfortably at your chosen height. Made for easy cleaning and fuss-free plant care, the shelves feature sturdy aluminum frames and […]