MAZE 48gal Compost Tumbler


Front view of 48gal MAZE Composter, open lid
MAZE 48gal Compost Tumbler

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The MAZE 48-gallon Compost Tumbler is a great resource for your organic or traditional garden. With a UV-protected and reinforced two compartment barrel, this unit turns garden waste into a nutrient rich compost to enrich your garden soil.

Two compartments means this tumbler produces compost in a continuous cycle. When the first compartment fills, you can immediately begin filling the second compartment. By the time the second compartment is full, you use compost from the first side. If you need a large amount of compost, the interior divider can be removed to produce one large compost batch.

The MAZE 48-gallon Compost Tumbler is designed for longevity. The MAZE frame is constructed from a zinc and powder-coated metal frame. The stand is galvanized, powder-coated steel with a stainless steel center axel. The barrel has multiple air vents to allow for optimal air flow and to encourage aerobic decomposition. The air vents can also be used for draining liquid if needed.

The gear and handle have a geared ratchet with automatic locking feature. This allows for easy locking in place and can be disabled if needed. The drum can be locked in place to face the wide sliding lid downward. You can open the lid in this position to slide compost and unload into the optional cart. This is the simplest, cleanest, and easiest way of composting and spreading the end product.

Product Details

MAZE 48gal Compost Tumbler

  • Strong and sturdy design
  • Material: UV-protected high impact plastic
  • Large clearance area underneath to allow easy unloading
  • Geared handle for easy turning, even when loaded
  • Built-in ratchet to lock turning
  • Adjustable built-in air vents
  • Sliding dual loading/unloading lid
  • Durable framework: Powder coated zinc
  • Capacity: 48 gallons
  • Dimensions (Tumbler): 26″ wide x 24″ deep x 38″ high

MAZE Composting Cart

  • Material: UV-protected high impact plastic
  • Fits perfectly underneath the MAZE Composter
  • Low profile for easy compost collection
  • Collects compost tea for use
  • Easily transports ready-to-use compost around your garden
  • Capacity: 12 gallons
  • Dimensions (Cart): 25.6″ wide x 22.8″ deep x 35″ high