ECO King Composter


A woman on the right side pouring leaves into Eco King 400 Compost Bin
ECO King Composter

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The ECO King Composter is a basic compost bin. Its side walls snap permanently together. It has a large double lid and 2 doors at the bottom. This open bottom allows microorganisms to come up with materials to speed composting. This bin is made from 100% recycled PP. The ECO King Composter is from Graf in Germany.

Product Details

  • Side walls snap together permanently
  • Large double lid
  • 2 doors at the bottom
  • Materials: 100% recycled copolymer plastics, 2.3mm thick
  • Capacity: 110 and 160 gallons
  • Color: Green
  • Dimensions (110 gal): 27.5″ wide x 27.5″ long x 32.75″ high
  • Dimensions (160 gal): 31.5″ wide x 31.5″ long x 37.5″ high
  • From Graf in Germany