MAZE Kitchen Caddie Compost Bin


Maze Kitchen Caddie Compost Bin 1.85 gal with closed lid and white background
MAZE Kitchen Caddie Compost Bin

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You can now effortlessly collect and transport compost materials from your kitchen to your composter by using the MAZE Kitchen Caddie Compost Bin. The lockable cover helps to keep insects out of the picture and there will be no more unwanted smells inside your kitchen. It’s hard to resist its small, chic and contemporary look. It comes in 1.85gal and 2.4gal handy sizes.

You can pick the combination pack including the MAZE Kitchen Caddie Compost Bin and 120 biodegradable composting bags. They are intended to reduce the stress of moving those scrap to your composter. Get the job done in a snap. Help our planet by reducing plastic bag waste that is contaminating our environment. This is made from 100% compostable vegetable material. It is perfect for both home and garden compost, including worm farms.

These are not just some ordinary bags. They are created to degenerate from the warmth and moisture found inside your composter but will hold up while in your kitchen. No more emptying out your caddie in the kitchen with stinking residue.

MAZE Products 

Since 2004, MAZE Products have been developed with a lifelong connection to the earth and a sense of community in mind. While it all started with hose reels, they expanded their products to compost bins, greenhouses, MINItanks, vertical gardens, and much more. The family-owned business is working to complement its range of innovative, environmentally conscious products with educational resources for the next generation.

Product Details

  • Lid cover helps to maintain moisture and prevent foul-smelling odors
  • Lockable lid to prevent unwanted insects or other animals
  • Wide opening
  • Easy to clean
  • Carry handle for easy transport
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black bin and green cover
  • Dimensions (1.85 gal bin): 10.5″ wide x 8.75″ diameter x 9″ high
  • Dimensions (2.4 gal bin): 16.1″ wide x 5.5″ diameter x 10.7″ high
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Made in Australia

Combo Pack: Bin with Bags

  • Comply with the US & Canadian Biodegradability Standard
  • Degrade within weeks of being introduced to warm moist conditions
  • 120 biodegradable bags (20-bags rolls)
  • Material: 100% compostable vegetable material
  • Dimensions (1.85 gal corn bag): 14.2″ x 12.6″
  • Dimensions (2.4 gal corn bag): 18.3″ x 15.4″