MAZE Bokashi Grain


Bag of Bokashi mix for indoor compost
MAZE Bokashi Grain

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Are you looking for a way to improve your soil? Or perhaps to compost with less smell and fuss? MAZE Bokashi grains could be your solution!

Bokashi comes from the Japanese language and refers to organic fermented matter. MAZE Bokashi grains are made of bran and are considered sweet-smelling. These Bokashi grains are fermented with effective microorganisms (EM), or friendly bacteria. This EM infusion with beneficial microbes allows Bokashi grains to kickstart fermentation in composting.

The EM in MAZE Bokashi grains thrive in an anaerobic (oxygen-free) environment. The anaerobic fermentation process creates fewer greenhouse gases than traditional composting. This also means you can leave your composter sealed to do its work without turning. Once the grains have been processed in your composter, they can be used to improve the soil in your garden or greenhouse.

Faster composting means less smell and shorter waiting time to use the compost for your garden. You won’t have any adverse odors wherever you choose to use this product. MAZE Bokashi Grains may be a better choice than spray for you because they can also be used to absorb excess moisture. In addition, it is easy to see how much product you have added to your compost mixture.

MAZE Products

Since 2004, MAZE Products have been developed with a lifelong connection to the earth and a sense of community in mind. While it all started with hose reels, they expanded their products to compost bins, greenhouses, MINItanks, vertical gardens, and much more. The family-owned business is working to complement its range of innovative, environmentally conscious products with educational resources for the next generation.

Product Details

  • Bokashi grains assist in kickstarting the fermentation process for composting
  • Bran grains are infused with effective microorganisms (EM)
  • Bokashi is generally sweet-smelling and odor-free
  • Benefits of using MAZE Bokashi Grain:
    • Can be used with both cooked and uncooked food, such as meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables, because it works without oxygen
    • Accelerates the fermentation of organic matter when used in a composter
    • Does not attract fruit flies or other insects
    • Can be used to rebuild soil in your garden once composted
    • Decontaminates pathogens and pollutants found in soil
    • Cheaper alternative to Bokashi spray as a fermentation starter
  • Size: 2.1 gallons (5 liters) bag of grains
  • Made in Australia