Riga Automatic Window Opener


Automatic opener of the window on Hoklartherm Riga 2s Greenhouse 7.8x7
Riga Automatic Window Opener

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Riga automatic window opener fits any Riga window. The Paraffin oil in the piston expands around 72°F and opens the window automatically to allow ventilation. No electrical power is needed. It lets the opener to be detached in case of unfavorable weather situations. It applies to all Riga greenhouse roof vents. 

Product Details

  • Anodized aluminum
  • Opens and closes for safe environment control even when you are out
  • No electrical power needed
  • Best for busy gardeners
  • Quick-release “arm” which allows the opener to be disconnected in adverse weather conditions
  • It works with any Riga greenhouse roof vents
  • Paraffin oil in piston expands starting around 72°F
  • Can lift up to 15 lbs