Janssens Royal Victorian Drop-Door Kit


Janssens Royal Victorian Greenhouse installed on a stem wall with a door drop kit
Janssens Royal Victorian Drop-Door Kit

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If you want to place your Royal Victorian Greenhouse on a stem wall, you need a Drop-Door Kit. This way you can access and exit the greenhouse, as well as transfer equipment in and out effortlessly.

Janssens Royal Victorian Drop-Door Kit includes everything you want to set it on a usually 20″ – 36″ high (24″ might be best) perimeter wall. It provides more vertical support with a crossbar, 2 or 3 extra supports, 5 angle bracket connectors, and hardware.

Note: Glass or Polycarbonate panels for the section above the door are not included. You can purchase the glass locally. Polycarbonate can be provided (you need to cut this to your wall height or need to let us know the height of your stem wall for pre-cutting it).

We strongly recommend using the Low-Threshold Kit with dropped sliding doors (hinged doors already have a lower threshold). 

Product Details

  • Opens louver window automatically around 68°F for air circulation, closes when the temperature cools down
  • It protects your plants and gives them the necessary temperature and moisture levels
  • Works with Royal Victorian louver windows
  • Requires a side louver window
  • Provides additional ventilation
  • Operates without the use of batteries or electricity
  • Less maintenance and expenses
  • The vent arm was designed with the use of natural minerals
  • Best for busy gardeners
  • Easy to install