Janssens Automatic Roof Window Opener


Automatic Window Opener on a Janssens Royal Victorian Greenhouse
Janssens Automatic Roof Window Opener

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The Automatic Roof Window Opener is intended to automatically regulate the temperature and to provide better ventilation in all Royal Victorian Greenhouses. As the air inside the greenhouse warms, the vent gradually opens to release the suitable amount of airflow into the greenhouse and closes when the optimal temperature is attained.

The vent arm is designed with the use of natural minerals that expand with heat to push a piston, which raises the window panels, as the air gets warmer then shrinks as it cools, closing with the aid of a spring. It works without the use of electricity. This is great for busy gardeners or if you are out for a while.

Product Details

  • Opens roof vent window automatically around 68°F for air circulation, closes when the temperature cools down
  • Provides better ventilation
  • Automatically regulates the temperature
  • Works with Royal Victorian roof windows
  • No electricity or batteries needed
  • Best for busy gardeners