Janssens Victorian Louver Window


Janssens Louver Window in Black
Janssens Victorian Louver Window

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Enhance your greenhouse’s ventilation and create the ideal environment for your plants with the Janssens Victorian Louver Window. Designed to complement your Janssens Royal or Junior Victorian Greenhouse, this add-on ensures your interior remains well-ventilated and at the perfect temperature for plant growth.

To suit varying needs and preferences, it comes with a clear Lexan cover panel for frost protection and an additional glass panel for Royal Victorians or a Lexan panel for Junior Victorians, designed to fit below the louver window. Choose between a manual or an automatic (non-electric) opener to customize your greenhouse’s ventilation system to your liking.

Product Details

  • Provide the perfect growing environment for your plants
  • Maintain the interior well-ventilated and at a suitable temperature
  • Included:
    • Louver with 11 glass louver panels & all hardware
    • Clear Lexan Cover Panel (Frost Cover)
    • Glass panel for Royal Victorians or Lexan Panel for Junior Victorians to go below the louver window
  • Opener: Choose between manual and auto (non-electric) opener
  • Material panels: Glass
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 28.5″ wide x 39″ high