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  • Out of stock Sale! Juliana Roller Shading Blind - Set of 2 - with box
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  • Sale! Juliana Flexible Plant Spirals - Set of 3 on wooden ground
    $99.90 $79.95

  • Sale! Side view of the Juliana Seed Tray Shelf with Drawer

  • Sale! Detailed view of the Juliana Greenhouse Frame Hook
    $94.90 $79.95

  • Sale! Installed Hoklartherm Greenhouse Misting System
    $184.90 $154.95

  • Out of stock Sale! Juliana Water Butt Rain Barrel installed in an elegant greenhouse
    $494.90 $419.95

  • Sale! Juliana Narrow Top Shelves with herbs pot

  • Sale! Small Juliana Hanging Shelf with Leather Straps with pots

  • Sale! One Juliana Greenhouse Plant Pot & Tool Holder with one plant pot
    $94.90 $79.95

  • Out of stock Sale! Juliana Greenhouse Interior Solar Light shining on a plant in a greenhouse
    $59.90 $49.95

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Stylish Juliana accessories

As the daylight gets shorter with the arrival of wintertime and you will discover yourself within your greenhouse more often. Now is the best time to spend a moment analyzing the possibilities for your greenhouse. Juliana accessories are very elegant and fit into any greenhouse that has channels in the frame profiles. Check out these stylish supplies:


They are intended to protect plants from unexpected knocks. It is simple to assemble and it is a good method to keep a greenhouse orderly and organized.

Solar light

Solar lamps are inexpensive because of the renewable energy from the sun, which is free. They provide some ambiance to your greenhouse.

Roller shading

Most greenhouse brands offer curtains but Juliana gives you a better option. The roller shades are attached to the glass by suction pads and can quickly be transferred to a new position. You can put them on the sides or roof as you wish.

Plant spirals

Are you a lover of climbing plants? Then you should try these sturdy plant spirals that give them enough length to climb.

Frame hooks

You can attach nearly everything to create more growing space or to arrange your greenhouse better.

Pot and tool holder

You can utilize it to add vertical growing space or to store gardening tools.

Seed Tray

It is ideal for improving the amount of growing space as well as storing planting accessories and equipment. Compared to other trays and shelves, this Juliana accessories always keep an elegant design and practical features.