Janssens Shade Curtains


Cream colored shade curtains inside a Janssens greenhouse
Janssens Shade Curtains

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Shaded areas are useful for reducing heat stress for plants and for providing the proper light requirements to your crops. Adding the Janssens Shade Curtains enables you to create those shaded areas within your greenhouse structure.

Protect your plants while adding a sophisticated appearance to your Janssens greenhouse. Shade curtains are useful to reduce the number of sunlight hours and to decrease the intensity of the sun rays in very hot and sunny climates. They may even reduce irrigation requirements.

These shade curtains are especially useful if you own (or if you are about to purchase) a Janssens glass greenhouse because glass is clear and doesn’t break the sun’s rays.

Product Details

  • Add a decorative and functional shade layer to greenhouse structure
  • For use with Royal and Retro Royal Victorian greenhouses
  • Built-in loops to hang with included hardware
  • Color: Cream
  • Dimensions: 
    • VI 23: 1x full-length shade curtain (10′)
    • VI 34: 1x 10′ and 2x 28″ sections (3 sections)
    • VI 36/46: 2x 10′ sections
    • J-Vic 23: 1x 10′ section
    • J-Vic 24: 1x 10′ and 1x 2′ section
    • J-Vic 25: 1x 10′ and 2x 2′ section
    • Junior Orangerie: 1 center section and 3 end sections
    • Royal Orangerie: 1x 10′ and 2x 28″ sections
  • Important note: Shade curtains cannot slide past scroll supports
  • Made in Belgium