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Janssens Greenhouses

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Add A Touch Of English Sophistication To Your Garden With A Janssens Victorian Greenhouse.

English garden lovers need look no further than a Janssens. With a commitment to excellence and finesse… every nut, bolt, frame, and pane of glass is selected with your dream garden in mind.

Janssens doesn’t just build greenhouses – they live and breathe greenhouses. They’ve been doing so for more than 70 years – providing their customers with “the most excellent, aesthetically pleasing, robust, and pristine greenhouses on the market.”

Based in Lier, this Belgian family business has been in existence since 1946. We assure you you’re choosing excellence when you choose a Janssens greenhouse.

About Janssens Greenhouses

The Janssens brand represents robust reliability, with a touch of finesse.

All their greenhouses come with a highly-durable glass and aluminum construction. Their incredibly skilled and experienced in-house design team uses only the most advanced technology and software – ensuring nothing less than perfection in your garden!

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The Basics: All You Need To Know

  • On most basic models, no full concrete foundation is required. After assembly, simply anchor the four corners in concrete
  • An excellent base profile is supplied standard, which can then be anchored in concrete
  • A solid ridge profile comes with the option of applying decorative ridge cresting and finals to your liking
  • Tubular aluminum glazing bars used are the most sturdy in today’s hobby greenhouse market
  • All greenhouses come equipped with gutters, condensation channels, and water downpipes (40mm in diameter)
  • Rubber strips are used for optimal water/wind-proofing glazing
  • All Janssens greenhouses come with 4mm toughened glass in full-length panes. This glass is up to 6x stronger than ordinary glass, making it far more durable and resistant to the elements. The edges are also polished, to ensure ease of assembly
  • While glass breaking is extremely unlikely, if it should break, it will shatter into thousands of pieces, eliminating the risk of injury to almost zero
  • All fittings, bolts, and nuts are supplied in stainless steel
  • All models (except for custom) come with a step-by-step manual and instructional mounting video
  • The paintwork is always of the utmost quality. In addition to the standard Qualicoat, Janssens uses a powder coating to give it extra-long service life
  • Each greenhouse comes with a 15-year limited warranty on both the greenhouse frame and covering against defects in material and workmanship when properly assembled using only manufacturer’s original equipment parts in accordance with manufacturer’s assembly instructions.  In addition, all moving parts have a 1-year warranty. This warranty covers the supply of materials, and excludes other costs (such as labor)

The Victorian Collection: Echoes of an English Renaissance

Strengths of Modern Architecture & Technology

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