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Janssens Royal Victorian Greenhouses

Green framed glass greenhouse in a garden setting with the text: Janssens Royal Victorian Greenhouses

The Royal Victorian Collection

Janssens’ Largest, Most Exquisite Greenhouses.

The Royal Victorian Greenhouse collection is not only aesthetically beautiful – it creates the optimum environment for year-round gardening, all while adding a stately presence to your backyard and home for all to admire.

Available in four different sizes and models, the Royal Victorian lineup caters to all your specific needs. 

  • $8,499.00$17,399.00

Each model presents the elegant English style customers have grown to love, merged with the best insulation and technological features found in modern greenhouses.

The dark green aluminum framework and full-length tempered glass panels combine to offer you a 360° view of your garden and all its surroundings.

In addition, all Janssen greenhouses come standard with the very best insulation and features found amongst all modern greenhouses.

The net result? A greenhouse that represents much more than sophistication and class…

Their comfortable, warm interiors provide the ultimate workspace escape, to satisfy all your creative gardening needs.

No matter your desires – whether you’re overwintering special plants from the cold, starting seedlings, creating a tropical jungle, or using it for year-round gardening. This exquisite addition to your home garden is certain to delight, and exceed all your expectations.

The Royal Victorian Greenhouse collection offers something truly special. We have the utmost confidence you’ll feel immense pride as you witness your creations come to life.

Included in each model are automatic roof openers, louvered windows, and a misting system to allow you to create and control the optimal environment within your greenhouse, to meet your specific needs. 

An optional shade net is also available as an added accessory, should you require a little more cover in those warm summer months. 

The Janssens Royal Victorian collection contains only the best of the best – to help turn your garden into a masterpiece.

Some Standout Features From Janssens Royal Victorian Greenhouse Collection:

  • A classic British greenhouse that will stand out as a functional work of art in your garden
  • Glass panels – tightened with heavy rubber sealing – providing better insulation than other glass greenhouses
  • 4mm tempered glass is 1mm thicker than most competitors, providing extra durability
  • Extra strong polycarbonate panels emphasize beveled corners with U-shaped metal end caps for improved strength
  • An elegant, European-styled roof edge takes every minor detail into account
  • Thicker, sturdier aluminum profiles for construction than most competing brand collections
  • One extra foot of headspace than that of Janssens’ Junior Victorian collection
  • Included sliding door – to be installed on your side of preference
  • Roof windows come with an old-fashioned shaft and a new-improved automatic window opener
  • Includes a misting system for continual hydration
  • Comes with a 6-inch high foundation frame

… and so much more!

Choose Between Glass or Polycarbonate Construction

The Royal Victorian Greenhouse line is available with either 4mm Tempered Glass or 10mm Triple Layer “X-Strong” Polycarbonate walls. 

Each choice has a unique set of advantages, so you can select the best option to serve your needs.

Side-by-side comparison of Glass vs Polycarbonate glazing on a Janssens Royal Victorian Greenhouse

Advantages of Tempered Glass:

  • Full transparency is a better “look” for some applications – especially if using the structure for non-plant-growing purposes
  • Offers the maximum amount of natural light for growing plants
  • No fading or discoloration over the lifespan
  • Flame-resistant
  • Glass is made of chemical-free, environmentally-friendly material

Advantages of Polycarbonate:

  • Almost impossible to break – polycarbonate will flex and resist the elements, and any objects hitting the panels as a result
  • Blocks harmful UV rays and creates a diffused light environment that promotes consistent light conditions throughout the interior of the structure
  • Has been shown to retain heat more efficiently than glass – specifically advantageous in cold weather environments
  • Low-maintenance – polycarbonate requires less cleaning than glass, while still looking great!

The Royal Victorian Greenhouse is Available in 4 Different Sizes & Models,
To Ensure ALL Your Needs Are Catered For:

  • $8,499.00$17,399.00
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