Riverstone Industries Carver Educational Greenhouse

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  • Specifically tailored for educational environments
  • Accommodates large groups with its 5′ tall walls and 8′ center peak
  • 1.7” galvanized steel frame
  • Walls and roofing are made of 6mm poly sheeting

This product is only available for custom order. Price will vary. 

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Riverstone Industries Carver Educational Greenhouse

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The Carver Educational Greenhouse Package is specifically tailored for educational environments, blending practical horticulture with immersive learning experiences. Inspired by the legacy of George Washington Carver, a pioneer in agricultural innovation, this package is designed to nurture a new generation of botanists and gardeners. It serves as an ideal resource for schools, educational programs, and correctional institutions, providing a robust platform for both theoretical and hands-on agricultural education.

Ideal for educational horticulture

Tailored for the educational setting, the Carver accommodates large groups with its 5′ tall walls and 8′ center peak, providing a safe and controlled growing environment. It’s built to endure, with a customizable snow and wind load capacity. Select from 2 sizes, all including necessary accessories for a fully operational greenhouse.

Key features of the Carver Greenhouse

  • Sturdy construction: 1.7” galvanized steel frame with a slip-fit design, ensuring quick and easy assembly
  • Durable covering: Walls and roofing are made of 6mm poly sheeting, a material used in commercial greenhouses
  • Economical maintenance: Replacing the poly sheeting is both cost-effective and straightforward
  • Spacious design: A 5′ tall wall structure with a central peak of 8′ accommodates large groups and various plant sizes
  • Educational focus: Full-length shelving provides enough learning and working space for large student groups
  • Roll-up side: For more airflow, one sidewall of the greenhouse can be opened up
  • Comprehensive package: The standard package comes with all the accessories to set up a healthy greenhouse environment
  • Customizable for safety and compliance: Snow load standard at 10 lbs/sqft, and wind load designed for 90 mph – both can be customized to meet local ordinances

Proudly Made In the USA!

Carver Educational Greenhouse includes:

  • 1x insulated metal security door (36″ wide x 6.8′ tall) with built-in shutter vent, lock, and key
  • 1x full-length roll-up curtain system for greenhouse ventilation
  • 1x 18″ Quietaire industrial exhaust fan
  • 2x full-length long commercial workbenches (2′ deep)
  • 1x 240 volt electric heater
  • 1x single-stage thermostat for second fan
  • 1x 1x shade cloth (63%) with tie-down rope (size will exactly fit chosen greenhouse size)
  • 1x automatic and programmable watering system with timer
  • 1x 3″ poly repair tape
  • Stamped and sealed drawings
  • Full assembly manual

Product Details

  • Available sizes:

    • 10×16
    • 10×27

  • Sidewall height: 5′
  • Center height: 8′
  • Frame material: Galvanized steel (1.7″)
  • Covering material: 6mm poly film
  • Wind tolerance: 90 mph – will be modified to your needs
  • Snow capacity: 10 lbs – will be modified to your needs
  • Stem wall: Not supported by manufacturer
  • Expandable: No
  • Rainwater gutter system: No
  • Frame color: Steel/silver
  • Warranty: 10 years on framing, 3 years on covering
  • Assembly: Professional assembly highly suggested
  • Made in USA