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Design your personal space for meditation and relaxation while savoring your homegrown salad. The artistic taste and performance of the Oasis unite in perfect harmony and will satisfy your gardening fantasies for years to come. Every gardener wants an affordable greenhouse without sacrificing its strength.

The Juliana Oasis series is remarkably strong and has a very unique form with tall eaves and center point, which gives you a quite roomy feeling inside. Durability is a major factor with these Scandinavian greenhouses and the profiles have been developed over the conventional plan with box section bars which are far tougher. Accessories will help you build a flourishing habitat for abundant yields.

Juliana greenhouses’ strength originated from its aluminum structure, and they cut no corners in this respect because they are certain that their greenhouses have all the added durability you demand. The greenhouse provides a protected atmosphere for your plants and you don’t have to bother about emergency preparedness for snowstorms, intense rains, etc. It also makes sure that your precious plants are safe from bugs, rodents, and other creatures.

More details about Juliana Oasis Greenhouses

  • Built to the highest quality standards
  • Designed to endure severe Scandinavian winters
  • Double hinged stable doors with lock
  • Wide gutter with tilt function, leaf guards, and four 40mm downspouts
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Unique high ceiling
  • Artistic roof apex vent
  • Low threshold entrance so no more large aluminum profiles to step over
  • Two manual push out windows (27.5″ wide x 23″ high)
  • Glazing material: 3mm toughened glass
  • Insulation between walls and frame: Silicone and a hard plastic list
  • Color: Anthracite/Black or Aluminum/Black
  • Side walls are 6.3 ft high
  • Warranty: 12 years for replacements or repair of faulty parts & 2 years on painted parts, where fitted
  • Made in Denmark

Proud to say that Juliana greenhouses are the exclusive aluminum greenhouses approved by the Royal Horticultural Society.