Solexx Greenhouse Flooring on a grass
Solexx Greenhouse Flooring
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Solexx Greenhouse Flooring


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Solexx Greenhouse Flooring

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The Solexx Greenhouse Flooring helps maintain soil moisture and keeps your greenhouse floor neat. Water will drain through the material, so there is no standing water left on the covering. This fabric can be used for multiple purposes. It is best wherever you don’t want weeds to grow. It also makes a great floor for a greenhouse.

Features & Benefits of Solexx Greenhouse Flooring

  • Eliminate weeds from your greenhouse floor
  • Allows water to drain
  • The perfect way to finish your greenhouse
  • Durable black polypropylene flooring
  • Easy to install
  • Wire stakes included
  • Several sizes available
  • Custom orders available


We accept custom orders depending on your specifications. Feel free to give us a call.