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MONT Mojave Edition Greenhouse Review

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I must admit that I am a very frugal person and one of the qualities I hold dear when shopping for a greenhouse is its ability to provide me with many years of convenient indoor gardening. It is only natural thus, that I settled on the MONT Mojave Edition Greenhouse since it is the most ideal for the warm weather of my Hassayampa neighborhood, just outside Prescott, Arizona.

My unit came with a commercial-grade ventilation system complete with a solar panel that produces more than enough power to run the fan. In fact, I now have lighting and a small heating system (you know how cold the nights can get out in the desert) that run entirely by the power that the solar panel produces. I also like the tinted roof panels as well as the automatic roof vents; I no longer need the shade cloth system and, the temperature in the greenhouse is always appropriate like it should be.

The frame feels and looks stronger than other greenhouses I have seen and Riverstone Industries gives an assurance that they do not contain even a trace of Lead, which I know is a great thing.

The MONT Greenhouse Kits include 8-millimeter twin-wall polycarbonate, which insulates the greenhouse during winter while helping to make it cooler during the warm months. Aside from this, Riverstone Industries includes valuable add-ons such as a folding bench, automated watering system, mechanical pollinator system, and a greenhouse sink.

What is not to like, in fact, I think this piece, unlike other greenhouse reviews, maybe a little lopsided. However, if that is the case then it is only because all aspects of this MONT greenhouse are likable. Take the integrated base, for instance, a built-in gutter system for trapping rainwater and the greenhouse’s dual hinged doors. All these features make the MONT Mojave Greenhouse, an enjoyable space.

I do not have much room so the MONT 8ft by 12ft Mojave Edition Greenhouse seemed like the perfect fit. I, however, know that Greenhouse Emporium sells other bigger units measuring 8ft by 16ft, 8ft by 20ft and 8ft by 24ft 

The greenhouse is roomier and has a peak height that is above 7 feet. I am a relatively short person but I like the height all the same because it helps displace the heat in the greenhouse and make my plants healthier. I highly recommend it.

Jesse James
Jesse James

Jesse James, a former Army veteran, now shares his passion for gardening through engaging articles on Greenhouse Emporium. Leveraging his experience and love for nature, Jesse provides practical advice and inspires others on their gardening journey.

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