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  • Out of stock Sale! Trellising Kit Pro for the Palram and Rion Greenhouses- side view with plants

  • Shelf Kit for the Palram Greenhouses - with plants

  • Poly-Tex Ground Cover Kit placed in a greenhouse

  • Green Shade Cloth in extreme close up view showing brass grommet

  • Galvanized Potting Bench in full view with accessories

  • Anchored Palram Snap & Grow Anchor Kit

  • Open Palram Side Louver Window - full view - white background

  • Palram Nature Series Anchor Kit - HG1029 - full view - anchored to the ground

  • Palram Mythos 6ft x 4ft Hobby Greenhouse HG5005 - full view - in a garden

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Enjoy modern gardening with Palram Greenhouses. You can definitely see yourself as an enthusiast gardener with an abundant yield, thanks to the perfect growing conditions Palram Greenhouses give.

Palram offers great greenhouse kits for starters and serious gardeners. With their different styles, they can meet everyone’s needs. From the regular to the onion-shaped frames, Palram provides budget-friendly options for everyone. Whether you are a hobby gardener looking to continue your growing season or exploring for a spot to a spa, Palram greenhouses are your best choice.

Palram Greenhouses highlight their virtually unbreakable Polycarbonate panels and sturdy, rust-resistant, strengthened aluminum framework which produces long-lasting stability & strength, with an all-around galvanized metal base for combining architectural comfort and alignment. The greenhouses are capable of enduring intense weather situations for many years of gardening excellence.

Displaying three different Palram Greenhouse structures (A-shape, barn-style and onion-shaped with text saying: Palram Greenhouses - Various styles for every tasteConventional Palram Greenhouse Kits: Glory, Mythos, Essence, Hybrid, & Snap & Grow

The Glory Greenhouse line is a great structure for year-round gardening. The 10mm twin-wall polycarbonate and strong, robust aluminum frame provide a heavy-duty greenhouse kit.

The Mythos & Essence Greenhouse Kits offer a great way to extend the season. The 4mm polycarbonate twin-walls the roof and sides provide perfect light diffusion to maximize the growth.

The Palram Greenhouse Kits Hybrid & Balance have two different panel types. The roof is covered by 4mm polycarbonate and the side walls are thinner. These Palram Greenhouse Kits are great season extenders. The Balance Greenhouse has a wide structure to give you a maximum of space.

The Snap & Grow line is engineered for quick growth. It has a heavy-duty aluminum frame and virtually unbreakable, crystal clear polycarbonate panels.

Onion-shaped Palram Greenhouse Kits: Bella line

Bella makes growing easier if you are living in a location that often has heavy winds and snow. The construction will withstand loads of snow and has 6mm polycarbonate walls, which are good for a long growing season.

Barn-style Palram Greenhouse Kits: Americana line

This a beautiful garden oasis for hobby gardeners, who like to use the greenhouse for leisure and social gatherings as well. With 4mm clear polycarbonate, it is perfect to extend the growing season.

Hexagonal Greenhouse Kit: Oasis

This small greenhouse puts a spotlight on your backyard. Its structure reminds of a pavilion. It’s a great season extender.