MONT 8×8 Greenhouse – Life Cycle Package

Original price was: $4,999.99.Current price is: $4,499.90.

  • Start a greener life
  • Extensive accessory kit to start a small garden and compost
  • Make your own fertilizer and soil for healthier plants
  • 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate
  • Made in the USA with stronger, thicker aluminum

This greenhouse kit package is the perfect choice for everyone who wants to start a greener life. The MONT 8×8 – Life Cycle Package comes with an extensive accessory kit for the greenhouse and composting. So, you’ll have everything you need for growing healthy plants by making your own soil.

More accessories included

The MONT 8×8 – Life Cycle Package comes with essential accessories to make gardening more convenient. Organize your plants with the included workbench and V-shaped garden table. They expand the growing space and you don’t have to bend over too much.

The interior shade system and the programmable watering system will give you peace of mind on hot days, or when you don’t have much time. With the sink, you’ll have a cleaning station right at your greenhouse. So, you don’t have to walk far to clean tools or your hands. Food and garden scraps are being thrown away every day. Why throw it away when you could use it to nourish your plants. The composting combo will help you turn those waste into valuable fertilizers. Take the kitchen scraps to the composter with the MAZE Kitchen Caddie and let the Genesis Dual Composting Tumbler do the work for you. Then use the RSI 16in Round Steel Compost Sifter to separate finished compost for use in your greenhouse and garden beds. This is perfect for organic gardening.

Accessories included

For further information about the accessories, click the product links below

One side of MONT Commercial Workbench System
MONT Programmable Watering System
MONT Greenhouse Sink System
MONT Interior Shade System
Genesis Dual Composting Tumbler
MAZE Compost Cart
RSI 16in Round Steel Compost Sifter
MAZE Kitchen Caddie Compost Bin with bags
Eden Deep Root V-Shaped Garden Table

Beauty and strength

The MONT greenhouse is built from the highest quality extruded US grade aluminum. This is not the typical thinner and more breakable imported aluminum. It doesn’t contain any lead which makes it safe for everyone.

This greenhouse uses more than 40lbs more aluminum compared to other imported greenhouses. It does not easily rust or degrades from corrosion.

Higher standards

Riverstone Industries use 8mm twin-wall Polycarbonate which is the exact same thickness used in commercial greenhouses. The twin-wall Polycarbonate acts as a double-pane window. It keeps the cooler air inside during warm months. It insulates the greenhouse from cold air in winter.

8mm twin-wall Polycarbonate gives all the protection and savings that you need to be compared to a standard 4mm twin-wall. 

Space won’t stop you from growing more. As you enjoy gardening, you want to add more or experiment more. A 4′ extension kit is available whenever you want to add more growing space. Enjoy your gardening journey!

Unique features

Height is an essential feature of a greenhouse. It directly influences natural ventilation. This greenhouse has an above-average interior height of 76” at its peak. This also helps in displacing the heat. Tall gardeners will not bump their head while gardening.

This greenhouse is so strong that you can use it for many years to come. Feel the security with its 10-year warranty. You will truly get what you pay for.

The MONT Premium Greenhouse comes with select accessories already included at a discounted price. This enables you to hit the ground running with everything you need to start growing right away.

Manufactured by Riverstone Industries

As a proud retailer of Riverstone Industries products, we’re delighted to share a bit about the manufacturer behind the eco-friendly items we offer. Riverstone Industries started with a commitment to bringing environmentally friendly products to the market. Over the years, they’ve shifted towards American manufacturing, with around 90% of their products now made in the USA. Their mission is straightforward: to create innovative solutions that address everyday challenges, all while prioritizing value and customer satisfaction.

Today, Riverstone offers approximately 900 items, emphasizing their dedication to quality, sustainability, and support for local manufacturing.

Product Details

  • Heavy-duty frame construction that can withstand high wind and snow loads
  • Uses 40 lbs more aluminum than the average imported greenhouse, which makes it sturdier
  • Frame material: Extruded aluminum (US grade, stronger, thicker)
  • High-impact, UV-stable Polycarbonate glazing
  • Glazing material: 8mm twin-wall Polycarbonate on roof and walls
  • Faster and easier assembly: Patent-pending Twist & Lock construction, as well as rigid “ribbed” design for interlocking the pieces
  • 1x roof vents (2′ x 2′) with automatic openers for great air circulation without the need of electricity
  • Expandable: Yes, in 4′ sections
  • Large double door (4′ x 6′) for easy access with garden equipment
  • Door is hinged and lockable
  • Foundation frame: Integrated flush base design for direct anchoring to the ground or deck
  • Integrated dual gutter system for easy rainwater collection
  • Stem wall: Not supported by manufacturer
  • Included in the MONT 8×8 Greenhouse – Life Cycle Package:
    • MONT 8×8 Premium Greenhouse kit:
      • All aluminum framework and Polycarbonate panels, 1x Set of double doors (assembled) and 1x roof vents with auto openers
      • 1x Workbench: foldable full-length shelf for one side (2′ deep x 30″ high)
      • Programmable watering system
      • Sink system
      • Interior shade cloth system
      • Hardware
      • Instruction manual
    • Eden Deep Root V-Shaped Garden Table
    • Genesis Dual Composting Tumbler
    • MAZE Composting Cart
    • MAZE Kitchen Caddie Compost Bin and Bags Combo
    • RSI 16″ Round Steel Compost Sifter
  • Frame Color: Black (electrostatically painted)
  • Sidewall height: 58″ (4.8′)
  • Peak height (interior): 7.5′
  • Exact dimensions: 101″ wide x 101″ long x 90″ high
  • Floor space: 71 sq. ft.
  • Warranty: 10 years on frame and Polycarbonate (strongest in the industry)
  • Made in the USA

Please Note – Allow for a FULL weekend to fully assemble (ground prep NOT included). A minimum of 2 people for assembly, but 3-4 is recommended. Actual time to construct will depend on size of the greenhouse and skill levels.


Is the frame anodized?

Yes & No. The aluminum frame is anodized. However, the black frame is electrostatically painted.

Is the black paint powdercoated?

No, the black paint is electrostatically applied which is stronger than powder coating. It is very difficult to scratch and should not fade dramatically. Riverstone Industries guarantees it for 10 years.

Is the aluminum frame cooler than the black frame?

Yes, the aluminum frame is on average about 7 degrees cooler than the black.

Can the MONT be attached to a concrete pad? If so what are the dimensions needed for the concrete pad?

Yes, you can use a concrete pad. Riverstone Industries recommends that you add 3 – 4 inchs to the pad on all sides. For Example: The 8ft x 8ft (exact size of 8.1ft x 8.1ft) would need a concrete pad of 8.4ft x 8.4ft. Note: Riverstone Industries does not provide concrete screws, you will need to buy these from your local hardware store.

What tools do I need for the assembly or is everything included?

Not everything is included. Here is a list of tools you will need and items included:

  • Work gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Spirit level
  • Tape measure
  • Step ladder
  • Clear silicone caulk tube
  • 23 1/8 inch spacer (included)
  • 7/16 wrench (included)
  • Philips screwdriver (included)
  • Flat screwdriver (included)
  • 5-foot bungee cord (included)

Can I extend the MONT Greenhouse later?

Yes, it is expandable in 4ft increments.

We live in a seismically active area south of San Francisco. I’d like to install the greenhouse on a hill. Is this the best greenhouse for my conditions?

MONTs are very sturdy greenhouses. However, the greenhouses are not tested for earthquakes. What we can suggest for you to do is to check the bolts and make sure everything is tightened after an earthquake or from time to time. The panels won’t pop out unless the frame is loose. The channels are made to fit the Polycarbonate snugly.

What does the ventilation fan do versus the auto openers in the roof?

Automatic vent openers are self-contained units which require no electricity. It is a temperature-sensitive device that automatically opens and closes a roof vent. So, they release heat and they basically require wind to make the air flow through the greenhouse. The powered ventilation fan gives you more control. It removes excess heat by creating air movement throughout the greenhouse. However, it’s just a fan, not an AC unit. So, on very hot days, you’ll still experience higher temperatures inside your greenhouse.

Do the doors swing out or slide to the side? What is the door width?

It’s a hinged door so it swings. The door opening is 4ft x 6ft.

Where does it ship from?

Georgia, USA