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These wooden garden supplies are perfect for those who like a natural design. They are made from non-rotting solid fir wood, which can be stained or painted the way you want it.

Features of Riverstone Eden Garden Products

Who could say no to these benefits?

  • Made from solid fir wood (non-rotting)
  • Assembly within minutes
  • Ability to be stained or painted to match exterior setting
  • Available in multiple sizes and designs
  • Bio-degradable – when the time comes this unit can be recycled
  • Available trellis on selected models
  • Designed and Engineered in the USA

What are the Eden products from Riverstone?

Use the raised garden beds to freely design your garden the way you want it. Use different sizes and heights to build pyramid garden beds and more. They are easy to assemble – you don’t even need tools!

Waterfall garden table is created particularly for city growers. It allows the ability to plant in a limited space. It is built from solid fir wood which is rot-resistant and can easily be assembled which gives more time for gardening. The self-wicking liners help hold the fertile soil as well as maintaining the moisture off the wood framework. It has a built-in drip hole that allows water to pass through and stops root decay. The deep troth design is perfect for deep-rooted plants such as tomatoes and peppers and even carrots.

A mini greenhouse is another brilliant idea to make a functional or decorative enhancement to your greenery in your garden. Nothing can prevent you from planting everything you desire throughout some unfriendly weather conditions. A mini greenhouse can help you to prepare your plants both in fall and in spring by creating an appropriate microclimate.