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Why buy a Retro Victorian Greenhouse?

These classic greenhouses are part of the “Helios” product line. Janssens is a Belgian manufacturing company and market leader in Europe and in the USA, which is known for its quality and craftsmanship. Their elegant glass greenhouses stand out because of their high-quality design and classic fashion. Being designed and made in Europe, these greenhouses are built to withstand diverse weather situations.

Highlights of Retro Royal Victorian Greenhouse

  • Combination of glazing: decorative metal panels at the bottom and glass for the rest
  • Thick, strong aluminum framework
  • High-quality seals for great insulation
  • One-piece vertical panes of glass prevent buildup of dirt, increase
  • light transmission, and decrease the need for frequent cleaning
  • Roof windows with automatic openers and spindle openers
  • Top-hanging side window
  • Double hinged doors for ease of use
  • Beautiful roof ridge decor
  • 5in high foundation frame included
  • Gutters with downspouts for possible rainwater collection
  • Included misting system keeps everything humid and cool
  • Imported by Exaco Trading: We are a proud dealer for Exaco because they offer high-quality products with excellent customer service to help you with any post-purchase problems (if they occur).