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The premium edition also adds to the effectiveness of growing and cutting down electric bills for those who prefer to grow all year round. It equips you with a high-quality greenhouse kit with amazing added features which promote manufacturing standards of all greenhouses.

MONT is proudly MADE IN THE USA. Applying good old American ingenuity to make the best product for our customers and help to elevate the industry standards of all greenhouses.

On top of the base model you will get:

  • Work Bench System
  • Programmable Watering System
  • Greenhouse Sink System
  • Interior Shade System

Check out the different sizes below or scroll down for a better overview & more information!

Features and Benefits of the MONT Premium Edition Greenhouse


The weaker the structure the less snow the greenhouse can handle. Which means, there is a greater tendency that it will collapse on itself. The damages could be enormous. Who would want that?! We’ll answer it for you: Nobody! That’s why the MONT Greenhouse is built from the leading quality of extruded aluminum which is US grade (not the thinner and breakable imported aluminum). MONT uses professional grade 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate. This is the equivalent thickness as used in the commercial greenhouses. The twin-wall polycarbonate functions like a double pane window retaining cooler air throughout warm months and covering the greenhouse from cold air in winter.

MONT’s above ordinary indoor height plan (7’6″ high) assists with displacing warmth inside the greenhouse while also letting the tallest growers not to bow down when inside the greenhouse. From the integrated support to the built-in rainwater gutter system, to the automated roof vent opener and the recently redesigned hinged double doors with an opening of nearly 6′ high x 4.5′ wide guarantees you to appreciate the MONT greenhouse for many years to come. And as time goes by, you may want to extend your greenhouse to grow even more crops. This is possible with its 4ft extension kit that you can be bought anytime.

Maybe you are wondering about the assembly? Well, don’t worry anymore. The manual with pictures is easy to follow. There is no need to pay a huge amount of professional fees to build your own MONT Premium Edition Greenhouse. So what are you waiting for?! Scroll up and pick your size!