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It is important not to ignore details like storage space, coverings, and walkways because they also can be crucial to gardening success. Every construction is different due to the reality that it will be installed within a unique environment, serve a different goal, be used for growing diverse species of plants and be built with different materials.

There are so many ways to improve the capacity of your greenhouse, checking into a few add-ons surely can’t harm. Remember that these are important to gaining superior year-round growing conditions by having the full control of your greenhouse environment. Take your greenhouse to the next level and check our accessories below!

Essential MONT Accessories

This is a list of the most essential accessories one might need for your MONT greenhouse. It obviously depends on your location and needs to pick the necessary supplies. These MONT accessories will allow optimal growing conditions and fit perfectly into your MONT Greenhouse (no matter what size you buy or bought).

It is enhanced with the aid of vents that open in the surfaces of the greenhouse. An automatic ventilation system (electric or solar-powered) will help with providing stable temperatures.

Although Polycarbonate shields off some of the direct sunlight, compared with glass, it won’t protect your plants on really sunny days. Shade cloths can help in these situations. They can be strapped over the greenhouse when the daylight is strong, to give the plants more protection.

Watering system
This watering system can work on a timer, so you will have peace of mind concerning your plant’s water accumulation. It is perfect for a large area of watering.

Workstation Kit
The angle support pattern provides free-flowing action without the worry for support legs to slip when working at the workbench. The workbench system is created exactly for MONT greenhouses. The hinged leg and surface’s purpose is for easy folding. It is made from long-lasting and industrial grade materials that are rustproof and convenient to use.

Extension Kit
Extend your growing period so as your greenhouse! Your greenhouse should be able to grow with you as your business or needs grow. MONT is one of the few greenhouse models that offer extensions. So in this case, you don’t have to worry about a future change of plans. If you want to grow more, get a 4ft extension kit!

Roof vent kit
Automated vent openers are self-contained systems that need no electricity. As the air cools throughout the cylinder the vent will close. If the air inside the greenhouse gets hotter, the window will open to keep the temperature steady.

Sink system
Having a fully functional sink might be a wonderful add-on. This is an excellent option for your gardening tasks. Wash your hands, tools, or fill a little watering can.

Greenhouse door kit
Give your greenhouse just what it requires for a comfortable and convenient entrance. Add a second door on the other side for better access or air circulation.

Exhaust fan
The electrically powered exhaust fan system is intended to match ALL hard-sided constructions including greenhouses, shelters, and carports in the business today. It is simple to place in any hard-walled structure to improve ventilation. It has a built-in louver operation. It operates on electricity and needs either an on/off switch or thermostat. This fan is also made from UV stable material.