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Two large greenhouses at the top and bottom with the text in middle saying Large Greenhouses for serious hobby gardeners - over 150 square feetWhat is a large greenhouse?

Our large greenhouse collection contains all greenhouse kits with more than 150 square feet. These greenhouses are for serious gardeners, who want to grow plenty veggies or fruits, as well as for commercial and educational use. Here you will find all brands that we sell with FREE SHIPPING to the continental U.S.

How to pick the right greenhouse size?

We always give the tip to buy one size larger than you planned. Not because we want to make more profit. No, because most of the times our customers regret to buy a greenhouse that is too small. So be smart and think about the plants you want to plant before purchasing. However, some of our greenhouses are extendable, so you can also start with a small size and upgrade later on.

Couldn’t find the size you are looking for in here?

Are these greenhouses too large for you? Then check out our small and medium greenhouses!