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No need to worry about the harsh weather because it is originally created to face severe Scandinavian winters. You can now manage your houseplants and fancy gatherings in your cozy warm greenhouse.

What you can get with Juliana Gardener Greenhouses

These are the reasons for buying a Juliana Gardener Greenhouses. Take a closer look at these features:

  • Available in three sizes: 12ft x 14ft, 12ft x 17ft, and 12ft x 19ft
  • An amazing investment
  • Constructed to the highest quality standards
  • The Juliana Greenhouse double-walled construction provides its great strength which is virtually unbreakable
  • Choose from 3mm toughened glass or 10mm Polycarbonate
  • Safety glass to withstand the prevailing wind speeds and amounts of snow. The 3mm toughened safety glass is safer than the horticultural glass that common competitors apply because it will not shatter into shards with sharp points if it crashes, it will just smash into tiny pebbles
  • Extra thick 10mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels add protection from the colder temperatures and elements. The panels covering provide weather-tested durability and lasting plant protection
  • Easy access with low doorstep entrance so you can push a wheelbarrow or cart into the doors with comfort
  • Each model has a hinged double stable door with handle and lock which open outward, with stainless steel handles and a cylinder lock
  • The aluminum frame has both built-in gutters with leaf guard, 40mm downpipes and four downspouts
  • The smaller model has four adjustable roof vents, and the two bigger sizes have six vents which can be opened beyond 45 degrees which improve ventilation
  • Choose from Aluminum or Anthracite as a frame color
  • The side walls are 5 ft high
  • 4.7 inches base frame is included
  • All Juliana models are environmentally friendly and have secure packaging. 98% of the supplies used in Juliana greenhouses are fit for reuse and recycling
  • The Juliana greenhouses are the only aluminum greenhouses recommended by the Royal Horticultural Society
  • Complete illustrated equipment instructions with photo list for explaining the most important steps
  • Warranty: 12 years for replacements or repair of faulty parts & 2 years on painted parts, where fitted