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Gardening in greenhouses is becoming popular nowadays mainly for health-conscious people. Getting a reliable wooden greenhouse guarantees best support of a fruitful harvest in unpredictable circumstances.

Did you know that the oldest greenhouses were built with wooden structures? Juliana Classic Greenhouses have a particular style that oozes classical fashion. This stylish greenhouse will give a lovely piece and accessory to any gardener’s haven. It is one of the most beautiful types of greenhouse. A wood greenhouse frame is most ideal for warm and dry environments. The main benefits are that wood absorbs warmth well and is a natural and reliable insulator because it will not draw heat out of your greenhouse. Wood is an amazingly tough and long-lasting material, especially when it is treated well and matched to other materials. It also gives a charming display for your greenhouse structure which will blend in with your garden. It will look more at home than other plastic or metal structures.

Features of Juliana Classic Greenhouse

Here are more reasons why you’ll love this wooden greenhouse and why it is suited for you.

  • Available in two sizes: 6ft x 8ft and 8ft x 10ft
  • Material: Toughened glass – For the better look
  • Frame material: Canadian cedar wood
  • Cedar is recognized as the best wood for greenhouses and home building: With its natural self-protective characteristics, it can withstand humidity and temperature changes (no rotting and cracking) and resists insects from destroying the stability
  • Wood gives a natural, more traditional look
  • Low doorstep for easy entrance
  • Roof windows and side windows for good airflow
  • Rain gutter with 2 downspouts to collect rainwater and to prevent erosion around the greenhouse
  • Most ideal for warm, dry environments
  • Absorbs warmth well and has a good insulation
  • Unimpaired and working for decades
  • Space-saving sliding door with sturdy metal profiles for easier handling
  • Warranty: 12 years for replacements or repair of faulty parts & 2 years on painted parts, where fitted