Solar-Powered Greenhouse Exhaust Kit


Upper left solar panel on greenhouse exterior, Upper right exterior view of fan with vents open, Lower right interior view of fan with mesh, Lower left thermostat
Solar-Powered Greenhouse Exhaust Kit

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The Exhaust-Power Solar-Powered Greenhouse Exhaust Kit by Exaco will allow you the flexibility to keep your greenhouse cool and comfortable using solar power. The 50 watt foldable solar panel can be used flat or folded. It comes with included supports for various placement options.. This unique feature will allow for multiple installation configurations!

The exhaust fan has a thermostat to assist in monitoring temperatures in your greenhouse. This makes for easy set and go temperature control when you need to maintain a cool greenhouse environment. The fan utilizes a combination of solar power and 12v batteries (not included) to adjust and maintain temperatures at the desired setting all day.

This adaptable solar-powered greenhouse exhaust kit can be utilized with any greenhouse, including the Janssens and Riga models. If you are picking a very large greenhouse, we recommend getting two exhaust fans. Otherwise, one will be enough.

If you have been looking for a new exhaust fan to harness solar power and keep your greenhouse cool, this exhaust kit is the one for you!

Product Details

    • Cool your greenhouse by using the power of the sun
    • Simple programmable thermostat will keep your greenhouse from getting too hot
    • 50W foldable poly solar panel can be used flat or angled with supports (29″ long x 20″ wide x 1.5″ deep)
    • Pull hot air out of your greenhouse with the 16inx16in exhaust fan
    • Exhaust fan uses a brushless motor for minimal noise
    • Store excess solar energy in batteries for nighttime usage (batteries not included)
    • Max Voltage: 25.5v
    • Weight: 31lbs; 13lb solar panel, 18lbs for accessories
    • Included in the Solar-Powered Greenhouse Exhaust Kit:

      • 50W poly solar panel (with supports to install at an angle)
      • Exhaust fan (16″ wide x 16″ long x 9″ deep)
      • 20′ cord to connect solar panel with exhaust fan
      • Thermostat
      • Battery box (fits two 12v batteries (not included))
      • Lexan panel to fit the exhaust fan (replace glass panel)
      • Instruction manual

    • Color: Green or Black
    • Warranty: Brushless motor has lifetime guarantee; all other parts 10 years