RSI General Purpose Greenhouse Exhaust Fan System


RSI General Purpose Greenhouse Exhaust Fan System - rear view - on the ground
RSI General Purpose Greenhouse Exhaust Fan System

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The RSI General Purpose Greenhouse Exhaust Fan System is the best way to enhance the ventilation within your structure. This system can easily be used for Monticello Basic Edition and Premium Edition Greenhouse. It is also designed to fit any small building, but you need to be able to retrofit the exhaust system to your own arrangement since each structure and building materials are different. It can also be installed with any shelter or small constructions. The general design is for low profile structures that are in need of air. The fan is proudly made in the USA.

Two ways the fan can be mounted:


If mounting from the outside, a hole in the wall would need to be cut to allow for the fan and interior cage to fit through the wall. The rough dimensions are 17in x 17in using fasteners (not included) to secure the fan to the wall by drilling through the framework and caulking the framework to make it watertight. The fan structure is now 100% enclosed in the structure and the louvers are on the outside of the structure.


If mounting from the inside, a hole in the wall would need to be cut so that the louvers will be able to open and close freely. These dimensions are 16.25in x 16.25in. Slide it into the opening from the inside out. The exterior lip around the louvers acts to finish off the appearance from the outside. Seal with caulking and secure the fan to the wall. The fasteners are not included.


  • A mounting kit or appropriate fasteners for mounting ANY arrangements are not provided. This is the obligation of the owner
  • Can come with optional Single State Thermostat to automate the exhaust system
  • The thermostat is sold separately

Product Details

  • The heavy-duty direct-drive motor is entirely enclosed and maintenance-free
  • The low profile is ideal in areas with insufficient space
  • With a built-in shutter
  • Aluminum blade and durable PVC shutter gives longer life
  • The fan is mounted flush to the exterior wall
  • Use in warehouses, hospitals, schools, factories, paint booths, storage facilities, parking garages, greenhouses, and gymnasiums
  • 16in fan
  • 1250 CFM (cubic ft/ minute)
  • 1/10 HP 120 Volts
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Product material: Plastic
  • Hardware and additional material: Metal
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 17″ wide x 17″ long x 6″ high (deep)
  • Proudly made in the USA